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I've been procrastinating on making a new website for too long, I'm going to do it this weekend; in the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for worthwhile tutorials, something to bring me up to speed on Wordpress, I have a halfway decent understanding of Joomla so I'm not a total beginner but I haven't used wordpress ever.

Also, if you know of any decent template sites/plugins/widgets/etc., I've used rockettheme in the past and I'll probably use them again but I'm open to alternatives if anyone knows of anything worthwhile.

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Do you want more than a blog?

If you only want to write have you considered using WordPress.com instead of hosting and managing your own?

You have less control/options for plugins and templates but if you just want to write stuff maybe it's the better option. http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

But if you want to host your own then I don't think there is a better guide then the five minute install: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Famous_5-Minute_Install

WordPress.org also has a plugin and theme directory: http://wordpress.org/themes/ and http://wordpress.org/plugins/

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It's a small business website, I'm not going for cheap, I just haven't been able to find a website designer worth a damn so decided to do it myself last year and learn it so I can keep it updated on an ongoing basis, I spent a lot of time messing around with Joomla, but the more I looked into it the more it seemed like Wordpress was what I should have been using for page speed and SEO purposes; and there is some very distinct jank in Joomla that doesn't appear to be present in Wordpress though I'm not very far into it yet.

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My experience with Wordpress has been enjoyable. It is very easy to customize once you see how its files are laid out. Adding content is easy and fast too. If you need any help send me a PM.

PS. Coding skills are required for heavy customization, CSS, HTML, jQuery, etc.