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Hey, i'm being sent to Tokyo for work this summer and will have some time off during the 2 weeks I am there. I am looking for any suggestions for me to see the video game culture. I will be traveling alone and only speak English.

Any info will be appreciated!

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  • Konami arcade building.
  • Club SEGA

Most places IN Tokyo are hugely diverse, with tourists everywhere, and a lot of english signage, in the city, it should not be a problem.

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I wish I could go to Japan. Hope you have an awesome trip!

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Don't forget Super Potato in Akihabara!

Video games are dandy but don't forget to check out the insane vending machines, too!

Also, no matter what happens, don't take off your shoes as it will be seen as a sign of weakness. Don't be fooled by Japanese people taking off their shoes. That is a trick to get you to do the same.

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I wonder what it's like now ever since that tsunami hit.... the same maybe?