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This is about me becoming very paranoid over the past few months about house security, last year my house and room was broken into and a lot of stuff was stolen, admittedly my bedroom door was not locked and it was a student house, so I did blame myself a lot.

For my next year at university I am moving into a new place, the rooms do not have locks on the doors like last year and I am still not sure which room to get, I have the choice between the room on the ground floor or the room on the second floor.

The one on the ground floor is much nicer but I am worried that it would be the first/easiest room to break into if that were to happen. I could get a padlock for the rooms and that would help a lot.

Am I right in thinking that my decision should not be based upon things that are very very unlikely to happen?

Should I take the ground floor room? I suppose that if the house were to be broken into all rooms would be robbed, even the top floor rooms and not just the ground floor one.

Sorry for the strange, paranoid post. Thanks for the advice.

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If the door has no lock, you could put one. Also some sort of an alarm might do you good.

I live in a building with 7 floors, each floor has 3 apartments. I live on the 5th floor. All the apartments on my floor either have a solid metal door + an inner wooden door, or just a solid metal door with 2 or more locks. We have 1 metal 1 wooden door, with 1 lock on the metal door and 3 on the wooden. It's not like I live in a bad place or anything but we just tak percotions.

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i wouldn't base which one would be safer as the chances are probably not much of a difference . if the house at the ground floor is nicer go for it just get some really good security locks for your door and front windows and that should help with you feeling safe,i know people who live in really bad scheme's and have never been burgled but neighbours down the road have . go with your gut feeling which one makes you feel safe.

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Cheers guys, thanks for the advice!

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Have you looked into renter's insurance? It's relatively cheap where I live, definitely worth it if you are worried about theft. I don't know if that's available for student living at a university though.

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@tesla: Yeah it is, fortunately I had that last year and got reimbursed for the stolen stuff, which helped a lot.

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If I'd ever build a house of my own design, it'd literally be an underground vault. Windows are for pansies! Anything bigger than a medival style viewing slit to lose some arrow through is frivolous unsound design.

Fucking hate people who do not respect personal space, though I'm mostly concerned about males with bad personal hygine (or just coming home from physical labor). Another's odor invading my personal space is an affront, which can only be met by aggression and violence - at least that's how my subconcious lizard brain is reacting. There's a fucking reason for deodorants. We are, at our core, still fucking territorial monkeys. Not stinking up the joint is any civilized man's fucking duty to humanity!

The violation of your private space is inexcusable. Hope the perpetrators rot in hell. You'll recover from this anxiety. I mean what's the worst that can happen? Exactly!

P.S. Ladies smelling freshly fucked are inconsiderate too. If they'd fucking knew what gets stirred by such, they'd freshen up more thoroughly.

P.P.S. I have a keen sense of smell, and therefor you should not trust me.

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The one easy rule of home security is that you just want to not be the easy target. You don't have to have a fortress, just enough to make the bad guys go somewhere else. You also just need to take basic precautions, and you'll be good to go.

Take the best room and secure it. Buy a locking knob and a one sided deadbolt. Get the basic tools if you don't have them. Install the knobs. Buy some window clamps and install those.

If you don't get drunk all the time or do drugs, invest in a very small, drawer based gun safe. Stock it out with a cheap and well oiled 9mm. Take a basic class if you don't know how to handle and maintain it. Playing FPS doesn't count towards this. If you get drunk all the time or do drugs, please fucking skip this step; it's not worth it.

Use a bank. Don't keep excess cash or valuables on your person or on your property. If you have stuff that is sentimental or valuable and you don't hardly ever use it but still want to keep it, just use a deposit box.

Stick a sign of some kind right outside your premises advertising the presence of a monitored security system. While having monitored security is great, the mere threat of it usually deters most criminals over to the next place.

There you go! No more worries.

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I live in a rough neighborhood that is known for robberies, so we had to get a security system, ADT for $50 a month, to scare them off. If that doesn't scare em' and we happen to be home, they'll be shot! It's just the way it is.

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Its sort of normal to feel like you do after an invasion. It makes you feel very violated. In time those feelings SHOULD pass. As for your question I'd just take the most practical steps to securing your things get a lock and double check it before you leave the house. Just take the room you like better because as you said if people are robbing the house they are going to ransack the whole place most likely.

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The house I used to live in was burglarized. My bedroom was on the second floor and was the only room anything was stolen from. That probably just meant my room was the only one with things worth stealing. Locks only keep out honest folk. Buy a gun.

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Go for the nicer room and add some security. I do recommend that you also make your room more modest looking. Dont have your shiny new ps4 prominently displayed and easy to spot from the window. I think that will help reduce the chance that it will catch a robber's eyes. I have also seen door/window alarms at the dollar stores that you can stick at your window, so if someone does sneak in, there will be a loud sound alerting your roommates.