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Yeah, yeah. I know about the spam rule here but this clip is so awesome I can not resist posting it here. This one gets funnier and funnier the more you watch it. Overacting is a nice term in this situation but that what makes it this so awesome. After watching sevral times I am starting to wonder whether it's the worst or the best death scene I've ever seen.

This clip is taken from a 1973 turkish movie called Kareteci Kız. Plot fairly simple. Guy gets murdered, wife goes on a revenge quest. Shouldn't be a surprise that this screams are edited, which doesn't make it less awesome, but if you want to compare it to the original then here it is.

So you decide which one you like more. No scream, or whole lot of it.

Again, sorry for the spam. Please be gentle mods.

PS: I have no idea why I pluralized the word 'Death' on the title.

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LOL! that Death scene was just aswome. I want to die just like that...

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@mordukai said:

Wife gets her husband murdered and she goes on a revenge quest.

Who is she going after? Herself?

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@Video_Game_King: Noted.

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It's got nothing on this

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How about the death of the daughter of you-know-who in The Dark Knight Rises? Terrible scene towards the end in an otherwise awesome movie.

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This is the best thing I will see all day, you're doing a God's work

This is alot better than that 80's ninja film death that was floating around as the best/worst movie death

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That's pretty good. It goes on a bit too long for my tastes, though.

I think thismight be the one @Freshbandito: was talking about, but it's still probably my favourite "worst death".

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@TheFreeMan: Ha! I was just going to post this. I like how the guy spreads his hands like, "Eh, what are you gonna do?" before keeling over. He took his death quite well, actually.

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The death of Skater from Hard Ticket to Hawaii. This movie is a gold mine of wonderful idiocy:

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@ stryker112: that's a very good one!

really, great thread!

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Is this thread inspired by Alex Navarro's Twitter feed?

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That's pretty fucking funny.

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LOL! That death scene was pretty much the best. Now I want to watch the whole movie to see whether or not the rest of it retains such a high caliber.

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Hi, this is our parody :)... in the end it gets bloody :)


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@stryker1121: holy shit! I've never seen Hard Ticket to Hawaii, but now I know that I need to.

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@mordukai: it's so bad it's so good. :)

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@Getz: I've had a copy of that video on my HDD for years now.. Dunno where I got it from, but I'm glad I have it

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That was just so funny!LOL LOL

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Faked slomo was tits. Also def needed the obnoxious scream!

@mordukai I believe the spam rules dont allow you to post a video with no text, as to invite more discussion. So think your post is all good.

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@Galiant said:

How about the death of the daughter of you-know-who in The Dark Knight Rises? Terrible scene towards the end in an otherwise awesome movie.

Barbara Gordon dies?!?!?!?!?!?

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Greatest death ever

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@Cheesebob said:

Greatest death ever

HAHAHAHA he's all "I aint even mad"

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I thought movies like that were just an urban myth...scary stuff.

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This is the "best" ninja fight ever...

It used to be a bellic drama but the producers had the "brilliant" idea of adding ninja.

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Excellent find.

I think I'm going to have to go with the no dubbed scream version since I can hear that smooth, hip, groove more clearly that cuts out every time it cuts away to the shooter since they apparently didn't have multiple audio tracks.

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Everything about this screams cinema masterpiece.

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i dunno dudes, this one is pretty damn good