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This is just a curiosity question if anyone would actually meet someone they met on GB. Me personally I wouldn't actually want to meet up with someone on the internet in general. I'm not saying its a bad thing but it isn't for me.

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Already have. Bunch of people who live in the same country as me apparantly have Giant Bomb accounts. 
Then there are all these huge events (Anime Conventions and Gaming conventions and stuff like that) where I volunteer to help out and get paid in video games or free food. 
People have shown up in all kinds of members-only T-shirts and stuff like that and we've talked about all kinds of things and then hung out after the events to get drinks and stuff like that. 

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yes, send me your details and i'll be right over :p

in all seriousness i would actually if i got along with them well enough but somewhere public so i don't get violated

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I had video chats with a PSN friend before. But he turned out to be a crazy mentally unstable person. Sense then I've always been skeptical about video chatting, or meeting someone I've met on the internet.

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Why not? I don't feel I have spoken with enough people here to really know them though, save for one or two people. I am more of a forum lurker than a forum poster. But if it was someone I got to know, it would be neat to meet up. Unlikely though, as I live in Norway, and most of the members are from far away lands.

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A lot have in various conventions. Why not.

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You guys are all hot chicks, right?

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I don't know if I'd rather meet a guy I've known for several years through the Internet or someone who I just kinda, sort of know. With the former, I've created an image in my brain of how that person is in person so maybe meeting him or her would ruin that, or maybe it would just make it even better, who knows? I don't know, it's a tough question.

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Only to stab them.

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Only to stab them.

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I want to meet Vinny. I find him funny as hell. 

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I've meet some duders at the MLG events. They were all very nice people.

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I'd love to meet the staff, but I don't know about the users. I haven't created a high enough social link for me to trust anyone on here. Sorry, Senpai. :/

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

I want to meet Vinny. I find him funny as hell.

I think the OP is talking about other users.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

I want to meet Vinny. I find him funny as hell.

I think the OP is talking about other users.

Vinny is a "User" 
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Internet people are people in real life as well. Why wouldn't I want to meet someone I got along with?

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I would love too, but I fear if they know I'm Hizang they would kill me.

But if I was to go to a Video game convention I would totally rep a Giant Bomb T-Shirt.

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I met a bunch of the mods and other Giant Bomb users at PAX East (also met the staff as well). It was pretty awesome.

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Are you all scared of people? Sure I would.

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Sure, why not? I think online message boards are a perfectly viable way to make friends. Meeting is fine so long as you're careful about it.

I'vebecame pretty good friends with people from other sites and in the years since we've met, shared hotels at conventions, visited each others homes... its been good. only one person turned out to be a bit of a weirdo, and you get weirdos "IRL" too.

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You guys are all hot chicks, right?

Ready to bone

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I've met at least 3 duders from the website, including the illustrious Matt. All in Brighton so far.

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You guys are all hot chicks, right?


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I've ran into a duder or two before because of shirts I was wearing. Shout out to peeps in Newcastle and/or York!

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Definitely. If i got along with them, I don't see why not. Besides, more friends never killed anyone...cept for that guy who was killed by his friends

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You guys are all hot chicks, right?

If by that you mean that we are all baby chickens who are unnaturally warm, then yes.. yes we are all "Hot Chicks"

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Sure, if I knew them on some level. Would not be the first time I made real life friends online. Have yet to "sport my colors" here in Sweden so no idea if I've passed anyone while out and about, though doubt that.

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If you're asking if I'd like to actively search out people that I've talked to on here and make friends with them, then no, I wouldn't. I don't have that kind of relationship with people on here. If I happened to meet someone in reality that uses the site, then that'd be kind of cool I guess.

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Yep, why not? Always good to have more gaming friends.

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I have, if you consider a friend of mine signing up to GB after I met him that is.

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Sure, why not? Although I highly doubt there are a lot of GB users from the Netherlands living near Rotterdam

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I would meet up with a group at a convention, but probably not anything one on one.

Speaking of which, is there gonna be a meet up at PAX?

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Hell no. What exactly would result of it? None of us would speak each other's languages, so we'd all be well boned.

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Sure, why not.

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Yes, yes I would. But no one would want to meet me. Plus, we've got fuck all events/conventions/cool things over here in my part of Engerlande.

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Where's the "I already have" option? I've met a number of Giant Bomb users at PAX.

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Sure, I've watched enough of you folks to know you're good people. You really should close your curtains, though, or at least turn around more often.

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come on i wanna meet you in person. im getting sick and tired of looking though your windows

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Where's the "I already have" option? I've met a number of Giant Bomb users at PAX.

I forgot to add that option. Forgive my falseways, but me I'm not really a social person. Sure on giantbomb I'll chat for fun or to kill time. But in reality I really lack social skills.

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I thought all of the people on here were replicants and/or zombie cyborgs. My mistake?

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No. I don't give my information out to anyone.

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Read my about me. My answer is there.

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of course! I know a couple of folks are here in chicago, we should arrange a meetup!

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Whether I meet them in person or on Giant Bomb, if I get along with someone, why not hang out with them?

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I've met Giant Bomb members at PAX East. Its easy to spot them when they wear a giantbomb t-shirt. All of them were friendly, easy going duders. But really everyone as PAX is like that.

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Read my about me. My answer is there.

Yeah I read your mini bio LOL!

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Not against irl meetings, really.

Would have to be someone I chatted with quite a bit and felt comfortable meeting with in the first place, obviously.