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Fuck Ketchup.

Vinegar all the way.

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No. Chips need vinegar. And ideally also cheese.

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I rarely eat McDonalds fries with ketchup.

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@forkboy: I've never tried Chips and Cheese before, sounds like a winning combination, just as long as its not the crap that gets melted over the Nacho's at the cinema.

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If they're spicey, and I got lots of cold drinks - and a worked up a thirst and hunger? Sure thing.

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As a side, salt is all I need.

As a main, poutine that shit.

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Stop following WillTheMagicAsian Hizang!

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I often do.

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I dunno why you'd eat anything if you need to eat it with an accompaniment, seems like it's defeating the point.

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@Pie: Stop following me Pie

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If there's no ketchup I'll just settle for Remoulade! (the Danish kind, not the French kind) 

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@AlexW00d: Well then why do people have milk with cereal, why do people have butter on bread? Some foods get better accompanied by another item.

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If they be sweet potato or cajun fries I sure would.

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Get a good Cajun-style fry and condiments become a thing of the past.

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Fries are good in almost any form, at any time and with (or without) any topping.

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Yeah, I do that all the time.

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@Hizang said:

@AlexW00d: Well then why do people have milk with cereal, why do people have butter on bread? Some foods get better accompanied by another item.

In both of those cases it's cause the main thing would be dry otherwise. Chips aren't dry, unless whoever cooked them is a bad cook.

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Ohhhhhhhh god, not since high school have I put vinegar on fries. I need to get on that shit A-SAP.

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Mayonnaise all day every day.

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I like fries with just extra salt and a little pepper.

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@Hizang: It's a glorious thing. A Scottish speciality. No wonder we all die of heart disease before we're 50.

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Yes. Though I prefer them with a side of gravy, I'd eat them either way.

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I put ketchup (or any sauce for that matter) on fries maybe once out of every 100 times I eat fries...

Fries are perfect as is. They do not need to be desecrated.

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Yes, fresh and hot from the frier French fries are great all on their own. Add some salt to accentuate the flavor; that's all you need.

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They'd have to be really good fries for me to want to eat them without ketchup.

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The only fries I enjoy without anything are McDonald's fries. They're so good. Usually I'll need some ketchup or gravy in order to have a good time.

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Fuck ketchup.

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Vinegar is the worst thing.

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Ketchup 90% of the time. Occasionally honey mustard or buffalo sauce. Rarely, if ever, eaten by themselves.

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I prefer fries without ketchup.

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One of my favourite things about going to Ireland a lot is the way they chuck stuff on their chi[s - Curry Cheese Chips! and if you're real crazy you can add bacon, its a meal in itself. But then over here (in the UK) you can do the whole, kebab and chips in pita bread with chilli sauce...mmmm...now I'm hungry!

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Yeah I usually eat fries without ketchup.

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Unless it's home cooked fries I need ketchup.

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As long as the fries have a decent amount of salt on them, I'm good to go.

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@RazielCuts Reminded me of Curry sauce, now that's great.
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Good fries don't need a condiment.

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Depends on the kind of fries. I'll eat ketchup with fries from same places. Others, I'll only dip them in mustard. From most Fast Food joints, like McDonald's, or Hardees, I'll not eat with condiments. Arby's fries, I'll eat with ketchup. Home made fries, mustard. Etc.

Chips don't need condiments, you nasty people.

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@freakin9 said:

As a side, salt is all I need.

As a main, poutine that shit.

This guy knows whats up.

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I'm not sure if you're aware of this, Hizang, but Chips/Fries are made out of potatoes.


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I hate dipping fries in anything, now, if we're talking seasoning, then we have a dilemma.

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depends on the seasoning and quality of fry. but yeah it can be done. anything is possible

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Prefer them that way. Fried and salted potatoes are flippin delicious.

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Yup. I prefer coated and spicy french fries with nothing.

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I usually just eat fries plain, not big on ketchup. Maybe put some vinegar & pepper on, but that's on rare occasion. Fries with mayo is alright too, but it doesn't really change the flavour of the fries much so it seems kind of pointless.

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It depends on the quality/type of fries and my hunger level, but generally yes.

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@JonSmith said:

Chips don't need condiments, you nasty people.

I can't tell if you are making a joke or you don't know, but fries are known as chips in the U.K.

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@crusader8463: lol, you made me think of the whole 'freedom fries' debacle.

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For the past 20 years, I have been eating chips with salt and vinegar. I do not intend to change.