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My beast of a laptop, which I built a few years back, is finally on life support & instead of getting a dedicated gaming laptop, I decided on buying a cheap laptop for word processing/convenience & saving cash to build a top of the line desktop later this year.

With that said, can you fine folks recommend some budget (I.e. $500 or less) laptops for me to look at? Definitely doesn't need to run games, but I'd like to have enough power to multitask & whatnot without too much hassle.


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Here you go. http://blog.laptopmag.com/top-8-laptops-that-cost-less-than-500

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Not sure if it's in your budget range - I paid £600 for it here in England, but everything here is super expensive - but last week I bought a Lenovo Z570 for the exact same purpose (word processing, web browsing, light gaming etc.) and it's pretty great. Core i5 processor, 6GB of RAM, and 750 HDD for that price is pretty damn good, and it's a wonderfully engineered laptop; it looks good and feels extremely solid with a nice keyboard (touchpad is off-centre which takes getting used to). Make sure you get one with a graphics card if you want to play some games - so far I've only tried older games like Torchlight, SimCity 4 and Rome: Total War and they run like you would except them to run on a modern machine. Only criticism is the screen, which is less than premium; the max resolution is a disappointing 1366x768, and it's not optimised for 1280x720 so setting it at that makes everything looks fuzzy, so don't except crisp 720p video content to work as well as it would on a laptop with a better screen. Also, the case is almost completely metallic which looks real good...until you get smudges and finger prints all over it, which you obviously will because it's a damn laptop - if you're bothered by that stuff then be forewarned.

A fairly uneducated view, but there you go. People often say Lenovo have been a great choice for quality laptops ever since they bought IBM's division, and I can see why.

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Lenovo best windows laptops, their thinkpad line was designed by IBM back when they made hardware, high quality now with good prices.

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Just noticed this on newegg and thought someone here might be interested. I'm looking for something a bit lighter for traveling, but I think this is the best budget laptop for >$500 I've found. 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6650M


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