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would you rather be

a dwarf so short that you had to climb up to get on chairs and stand on boxes to reach stuff like taps, door handles and light switcher.


a giant so tall you had to duck through doors, bend over to see in mirrors, be always banging your head on light fittings.

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Probably a dwarf. Giants have a lot of health issues. I'm sure dwarves do as well, but not to the same extremes. You won't get circulation problems that make your feet numb.

It's easier to be too small than too big. You can always make a shirt smaller.

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Giant gets all the women.

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Giant. I'd get into basketball and make a fuck-ton of money.

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I'm gonna go with dwarf. It would be way too expensive to be a giant. Think about having to buy a vehicle and such. Everything would have to be specially made. Maybe the government would help with the expenses. IDK.

I guess there would be a lot of specially made things either way.

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I'm in the Dwarf Fortress succession game right now, so obviously giant. So I could crush all those stupid dwarfs.

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@Brodehouse said:

Probably a dwarf. Giants have a lot of health issues. I'm sure dwarves do as well, but not to the same extremes.

That's my reasoning as well.

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A Dwarf in fantasy universes like Dragon Age... yes.

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Other, motherfucker.

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How giant are we talking about?  7-8 feet, sure, I'll take that.  Anything more though and there's going to be serious health issues involved.

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I thought you meant a 30 foot tall kinda giant, so I voted dwarf, but then I read the whole thing and it sounds like you're saying more of a 8ish foot tall giant.

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@GJSmitty This isn't frost giants against dwarf paladins!
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I'm pretty happy being a giant, so I'll go with that.

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You know what sucks about being a midget?

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Giant because being able to reach for stuff and see over people's shoulder at the movies is convenient. Dwarves get all the knees though.

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I'd like to be a giant, just to be on the other end of the spectrum for a change. OK, I don't actually have dwarfism, but being at an embarrassing 5ft nuttin' still sucks. In fact it's almost worse! Dwarfs are generally sympathised with and it's frowned upon for making any such crude remarks at their expense. Plus look at how they're presented in films; they're more often than not wise-cracking smooooth son'bitches. People who are simply small on the other hand: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

But no seriously, I'm not trying to make out as if I have it rougher than actual sufferers of dwarfism. /PC

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Three words...N - B - A. Being so tall you have to duck to enter a room can be lucrative if you're sturdy and reasonably quick. The true money is being a giant.

If your sport career fails you can always become a spokesman for frozen vegetables.

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Giant with a giant wiener.

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Dwarf... because, diggy diggy hole.

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A giant so I could have a whale sized dick. We're all thinkin it so I'll just say it.

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Imma be a Zombie Giant
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I didn't read before voting and I thought we were talking about fantasy stuff so I voted dwarf. 'Cause dwarves are awesome!

But in the actual context of the question, I would much rather be 7-8 feet tall, no more than that.

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How tall are we talking? Like 8, 9, 10 feet? And why so short as a dwarf? Seriously, climbing something to reach a door handle seems really small to me.

I need more information before I make a choice.

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Why the hell would anyone want to be a dwarf? That sounds horrible.

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Being tall opens up a lot of opportunities and makes a lot of things easier, being short does the opposite. Pretty easy choice. Hell, just the purely natural aspect of physical dominance (big = respect, small = ridicule) makes it obvious.

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giant's can not dance like that!

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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

Giant with a giant wiener.

a dwarf with a giant weiner would be cool. you would be like a tripod

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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

Giant with a giant wiener.

Dwarf with a giant wiener!

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Dwemer wins!

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@FlemmingM said:

Dwarf... because, diggy diggy hole.

Impressively articulate and logical.

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Are we talking fantasy style or real dwarfs and giants?

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When your 8 feet you can eat and alot of food, being a dwarf not so much.

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@TheSlothKing said:

Are we talking fantasy style or real dwarfs and giants?

I would also like to know this.
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At first I thought this was about video games. Then I remembered both those things exist in real life.

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Tall - because women are attracted to tall people. Short people? Not so much, from my own, very personal experience. Ugh.

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A Giant I guess. I'm already short (granted I'm not a dwarf) so it would be interesting to experience being big.


@Sackmanjones said:

A giant so I could have a whale sized dick. We're all thinkin it so I'll just say it.
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Giant. Nobody fucks with a giant. A dwarf is open to constant ridicule plus they're easy as shit to rob/kick.

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i would rather be a giant because im already accustomed to a certain amount of clumsiness and also because the bfg is a fuckin boss

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Are we talking "Dwarfs and Giants" as in midgets and freakishly tall people? because if i had to pick one of those i'd pick "abort my fetus"

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Dwarf, given how much Dwarf Fortress I've been playing lately.

Do I get the beard, the alcoholism and the wrestling skills?

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Dwarves have small penis.

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I guess that depends on just how big a giant is. adding 20-40cm onto me doesn't seem that bad. On the other hand, if I'm taller than that it seems like a giant pain. Then I'd rather be a dwarf and have people carry me around.

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Giant and play in the NBA

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Dwarf! Who doesn't want that sweat beard and resistance to alcohol toxicity?