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#1 Posted by Gamer (318 posts) -

I would like to know.

#2 Posted by sdodd02 (763 posts) -

hm.....tony the tiger, haha.

#3 Posted by Just_Insane (1081 posts) -

can i be the parrot from Froot Loops?

#4 Posted by MrBrightside91 (69 posts) -

Tony The Tiger. Definitely. Frosties: THEY'RE GONNA TASTE GGGGGGRRRREAT!

#5 Posted by mr_korean (614 posts) -


tony the Tiger FTW

#6 Posted by HairyMike87 (1203 posts) -


#7 Posted by TLT21 (83 posts) -

I do like the napoleonic hat that captain crunch sports 

#8 Posted by Hans16 (47 posts) -

Tony the Tiger
since I could eat kids. I heard they're grrrrrrrrr-eat!

#9 Posted by rckbikes (92 posts) -

Tony the Tiger, because he has the contained rage of his feral instincts. Being around children all day can really get to a tiger, when all they really wanna do is just rip those motherfuckers into shreds. But instead, he bites his tongue and throws a thumbs up.

Besides, Cap'n Crunch is like creepy. He abducts children and brings them to his psychedelic ship of wonder. Or, he just spikes their drinks.


#10 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -

Tony, 'cause if he gets pissed he'll use his tiger powers on your ass.

#11 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (469 posts) -

Tony the Tiger, But sometimes i want to be an animated pirate captain.

#12 Posted by WizzyKid (275 posts) -

Tony the Tiger. Rawr.

#13 Posted by KHfanboy2 (118 posts) -

Tony the Tiger

#14 Posted by MoldOnHold (626 posts) -

Cap'n Crunch. He gets all teh ladiez.

#15 Posted by tanline (180 posts) -

Tony the Tiger............heeeees greeeeeat :P lmao

#16 Posted by Shocker (2324 posts) -


#17 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

Tony just because he's awesome

#18 Posted by Systech (4190 posts) -

I guess Tony the Tiger because he is the only cereal mascot that could possibly kill a man.

#19 Posted by Foil_Charizard (350 posts) -

Tony, who wants to be Captain Crunch? He's the captain of a fucking cereal box.

#20 Posted by Clean (2433 posts) -

Tony the Tiger because he's GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT

#21 Posted by logson (538 posts) -

Come on. Would you rather be a FREAKING TIGER or an old dude. With passion, I'll go with Tony the Tiger.

#22 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3593 posts) -

both are pedo's so....i'll be the lil' mini wheat guy

he lurks in little chirldrens backpacks


#23 Posted by Premier111 (176 posts) -

Tony, because he's grrrrrrrrrreat!

#24 Posted by JNYR (115 posts) -

Tony the tiger is fucking pedophile. I'll go with Cap'n crunch any day.

#25 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

Tony the Tiger.

#26 Posted by Bladefire (221 posts) -
JNYR said:
"Tony the tiger is fucking pedophile. I'll go with Cap'n crunch any day.
Lol, Tony does hang out with an unusually high amount of children.
#27 Posted by Aarny91 (3942 posts) -

Captain Crunch.

#28 Posted by spiceninja (3166 posts) -

Tony, because I like the things he do.

#29 Posted by CaptainMax (224 posts) -

Cap'n Crunch  of course. Who would pick being a homosexual tiger over being someone as awesome as Cap'n Crunch.

#30 Posted by MikeydCT (734 posts) -

Tony the Tiger, I would get sea sick if I was the captain.

#31 Posted by ThomasP (1665 posts) -

Captain Crunch because he's a pirate.

#32 Posted by Philanthropy (142 posts) -


#33 Posted by Ultimate_pwr_rngr (763 posts) -


Tony FTW

#34 Posted by CaptainMax (224 posts) -
ThomasP said:
"Captain Crunch because he's a pirate.
Hes a sailor.
#35 Posted by JoeDubbs (42 posts) -

It's tough because if I'm Cap'n Crunch I'm an old midget whereas when I'm Tony the Tiger I'm agile and athletic but no one will take me serious as a Tiger...You just blew my mind.

#36 Posted by Otacon (2255 posts) -

What about the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, I want to be him!

#37 Posted by Ultimate_pwr_rngr (763 posts) -
CaptainMax said:
"ThomasP said:
"Captain Crunch because he's a pirate.
Hes a sailor.
they'd sell more if he was a pirate
#38 Posted by Solid_Snake (30 posts) -

What's Happenin Cappen *snaps neck and hides in cardboard box 3* 

#39 Posted by Txheat (147 posts) -


#40 Posted by Darth_Tyrev (226 posts) -

Tony. I mean, you're a tiger, you can rip people's faces off!

#41 Posted by TimeWaffle (967 posts) -

well capt' crunch can create his own dimension where he takes little kids. But Tony The Tiger can motive fat lazy kids to get up and do stuff. so i dunno i choose Fred Flinstone 

#42 Posted by evilhomer (437 posts) -

Tony the Tiger. if i was captain crunch i think i would be depressed with how ugly and crippled i am.  tony still got the funk and i could play up his mad celebrity status with youth and vigor.

#43 Posted by Dj (1044 posts) -

What's better that a tiger that dispenses delicious cereal?

#44 Posted by SaintLeonidas (183 posts) -

Tony, because he is a friggin Tiger

#45 Posted by Full_Metal (11 posts) -

Tony the Tiger

#46 Posted by SaucySala (372 posts) -

Captain Crunch.
No contest!!!

#47 Posted by MutenMiller (233 posts) -

I'd worry about the Furry's getting all creepy over me, but I'd still have to go with Tony because of the whole being totally awesome thing.

#48 Posted by Zombie (229 posts) -

Tony the tiger!

#49 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -

Tony the Tiger, I mean, he is a tiger!

#50 Posted by MisterSpiffy (908 posts) -

Cap'n Crunch.  Who doesn't want a sweet hat and a free boat?