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I ask this because at a rate of 2 games a week for Encyclopedia Bombastica it will take a hell lot of time to give some preview for every game ever made. So assuming that Jeff still does this 30 years from now would you still watch it?

#3 Posted by face15 (1309 posts) -

I clicked 'yes' but the truth is 'no'.

#4 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

If I'm alive and suddenly thought of these fancy videos then, probably! 

#5 Edited by Sanj (2623 posts) -

No. And neither would any of the people that said yes.

30 years is a long ass time.

#6 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5827 posts) -

only if our robot overlords let me

#7 Posted by RE_Player1 (7536 posts) -

If he is still making them sure.

#8 Posted by GideonAmos (199 posts) -

No, because by then the future mob will send me back to the past so my past self can kill me with a shotgun.

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@Sanj said:

No. And neither would any of the people that said yes.

30 years is a long ass time.

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I hope for Jeff's sake that he does something else by that time. I love his stuff but nothing holds up for that long.

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Are you asking if I would still watch his existing videos or if I would still watch him making new videos?

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How the fuck am I meant to know anything about what I'll be doing 30 years from now?

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30 years from now Jeff will be watching my videos! Quite turn of events, isn't it?

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We're all going to be dead in 4 days. Don't get your hopes up.

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I will answer you with this.

#16 Posted by zoozilla (989 posts) -

In 30 years, won't Jeff be more than 60 years old?

I don't know if the chances are too good that we'll see Jeff finally finishing up his Encyclopedia Bombastica drive in 2042. Maybe he'll pass the task down onto a new guy, and the cycle will continue anew.

By then we'll all be old bastards complaining about how things were better in the good ol' days.

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@Sooty said:

We're all going to be dead in 4 days. Don't get your hopes up.

How dare you.

#18 Posted by Morningstar (2267 posts) -

How could I possibly know?

#19 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6407 posts) -

Jesus, I'll be 47. I can't even imagine what I'll be doing but if Jeff is pumping out videos like a crazy old man in his house still, I'll switch them! Funny thing is, he'll probably discuss how great games were today.

#20 Posted by Fearbeard (841 posts) -

Well I watch videos of games that are 30 years old now so I guess so.

It really depends on how the internet evolves

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Wait, I don't get it. Is Jeff trying to preview every game ever made? I never understood the specific purpose behind the series.

#22 Posted by SharkEthic (1072 posts) -

No, I barely watch them as it is.

#23 Posted by Demoskinos (15371 posts) -

Only if he starts his videos with "Back in my day...."

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I don't think this site is gonna last that long... plus in 2022 the internet will implode so who cares.

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Hell, if the Bomb Squad's still happily holding it down in 2042, I think I'd be pleased too. ONE STEP TOWARDS ETERNITY

#26 Posted by Loafsmooch (392 posts) -

I'd watch Jeff's everything 30 years from now.

#27 Posted by Little_Socrates (5733 posts) -

Depends on how Jeff grows old, how I grow old, and how the site changes, I guess. Though the idea behind Encyclopedia Bombastica is that the other guys will eventually join him in some way.

#28 Posted by triviaman09 (806 posts) -

Depends on too many things to know, really.

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I seriously doubt I would.

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I like to think I would, so I voted yes.

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Cranky old Jeff will be best Jeff.

Imagine in 30 years when he gets around to telling people all about Call of Duty!

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I won't 'watch' the videos, but I will happily plug the nano-conduits into my nipple jacks and have the Jeff video experience hormono-loaded into me by glandular transduction. As long as I have enough bone marrow credits left in my Paypal, that is.

#33 Posted by fugie7 (1109 posts) -

of course i will..

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No because I barely watch the ones he has been putting out lately(talking about the encyclopedia videos).

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Yes I would. As long as they keep coming I'll keep watching.

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I thought about this before the poll and I picture him being the Andy Rooney of videogames.

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I'd like to think that in 30 years, we'd have some awesome new way of 'watching' videos and had also figured out a way to convert all our older stuff.

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There are so many questions to be asked about this question.

Like, I watch them today, so why wouldn't I? He's already making videos about games from three decades ago. WHY ARE YOU ASKING THIS?

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Sure, probably. I'm sure someone turned in to Larry King Live for the 20 odd years that he was on.

#40 Posted by Rafaelfc (1635 posts) -

If the future holds significant technological advances and Jeff's brain is downloaded into a Virtual Intelligence construct... I will watch the shit out of those videos.

#41 Posted by Brodehouse (10301 posts) -

He's got 30+ years of games that came out before 2008. And is moving very slowly through them. At the current rate it might take 30 years to finish QLing just the Mega Drive (which he seems to be focusing on).

I'd like to see... Hell, any of the other staff pick up the slack a bit. Giant Bomb seems like a 24 hour state of existence for Jeff, it seems more like a 6 hour punch-clock job for some other staff.

#42 Posted by Ravelle (1544 posts) -

I believe Ryan and/or Jeff is planning on doing a premium video of playing a ton of those games.

#43 Posted by lightsoda (543 posts) -

Ask me in 30 years.

#44 Posted by Sploder (917 posts) -

I don't watch them now lol

#45 Posted by Jared (566 posts) -

Of course!

#46 Posted by CaLe (4120 posts) -

Would I? I plan to do exactly this! Precisely 30 years from now, in 2042, I will open the special 'Jeff Gerstmann' folder on my computer deck and I will watch the handsome young whipper snapper before me tell how things used to be back in the day.

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After seeing my dad, who is almost exactly 30 years older than me, be mad nostalgic about stuff from when he was my age and earlier; I'm going to say yes. I truly believe he will be livestreaming 24 hours a day by then anyway.

#48 Posted by rahulricky (264 posts) -

Does the 30 year estimate include the growing number of games that will continue to come out?

#49 Posted by Subjugation (4763 posts) -

Realistically, no. Most people who are choosing yes are likely lying, even if they don't know it yet. Thirty years is a long time.

#50 Posted by Rasmoss (493 posts) -

Why are we talking like they seriously mean to quicklook everything? Because that's, like, super dumb.