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Posted by Hunter5024 (5895 posts) 11 months, 4 hours ago

Poll: Would you tell your teacher if he accidentally gave you a high grade? (185 votes)

Yes 20%
No 63%
Maybe? 17%

So I just got my grades back from the end of the semester and I got an A in my Japanese class. Which is actually statistically impossible based on my work throughout the semester, I did fairly well throughout the semester (for me), unfortunately I bombed my final which is worth a huge part of the grade, I left a lot of it blank even. I was legitimately worried that I might fail after that. So should I tell him and hope that he cuts me some slack due to my honesty? Should I keep quiet and hope that he doesn't find out? Keep in mind that I will also be taking Japanese II with this guy next semester, I'm not worried about how well I know the material, but I can't just hope I never see him again.

#51 Posted by Jimbo (9931 posts) -

In my experience, marking in education (especially in exams) is a massive bunch of bullshit. You'll often find yourself getting a grade way off of what you were expecting (higher or lower, it cuts both ways), and that's simply because most teachers / markers are exactly like the rest of us: they'll put in the bare minimum effort required when skim reading over your work and then pull a grade out of their ass.

You should just take it and move on, because for certain you will get fucked over at some other time in some other subject and end up with a lower grade than your work deserves.

#52 Posted by Nightriff (5240 posts) -

In 6th grade I didn't do a science assignment and turned it in late, which would only be 50% credit. The teacher gave me full credit thinking I turned it in on time, and I know this because he would write late on each paper that was obviously late. I told him that the assignment was late I wanted to get the credit that I deserved. He appreciated my honesty and gave me full credit because I showed integrity.

Similar situations have occurred throughout my academic career and while the result weren't always as positive as this one, I'm still glad I went with the correct choice.

#53 Posted by Hector (3374 posts) -

It's happened before to me when I was in school. I never told, I kept the grade.

#54 Posted by Crembaw (482 posts) -

I've done exactly this.

She let me keep the grade. Worked out great!

#55 Posted by Tireyo (6451 posts) -

I have before. Due to my honesty, I was allowed to keep my grade.

#56 Posted by Party (113 posts) -

I go to one of the most competitive schools in the country and am enrolled in one of the most competitive programs at my school and am looking to get into medical school which is highly, highly competitive. I have to fight and claw my way up the curve just to pass most of my classes and I praise the heavens for every decent grade I manage to get. Two years ago, I might have hesitated accepting a grade I didn't deserve. Now? I wouldn't even blink.

#57 Edited by GorillaMoPena (2277 posts) -

Fuck it, that's their job to get right not yours.

Also I once had a high school Spanish teacher say she would pass me so I wouldn't have to be in her class the next year. So that's where I'm coming from

#58 Edited by Fredchuckdave (5988 posts) -

If it impacted only me I would tell them for sure, if it impacted like a group project or something then probably not; the educational system is far from perfect. Professors loved me though, I spoke in 400 person classes with regularity.

#59 Posted by Milkman (17176 posts) -

I'm sure your professor knows that. They probably gave you that grade because they like you or they saw you worked hard or they're just nice. I've had professors give me grades that I clearly should not gotten in the past. And even if it is their mistake, of course you shouldn't say anything. Are you nuts?