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If you had a single opportunity to know the date and time of your own death, an opportunity given to you right at this moment, would you take the opportunity or would you rather not know the exact moment of your death?

This wouldn't grant you the knowledge of the circumstances surrounding your future fatality (could be from natural causes or not). All you would learn would be the exact year, month, day and time when your life will come to an end. You would not be able to change the date of your death after knowing it.

I think those who say yes would do so to either satisfy their curiosity, modify their life according to the date or to know how much time they have left to fulfill whatever goals they may have.

Those who say no would probably do so to ignore the fact that it will all end one day, because they don't feel that this date would affect their lives and just be a nuisance or a cause for paranoia or maybe they wouldn't want to know for the element of surprise(??).

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Never. I would begin to weigh my "years" differently. Now, not knowing the day of my death, gives me a feeling of an endless time limit to start a family, go to college, and accomplish things that will take years. I feel that if I knew the day I died, I would begin to question whether or not "4 years of X" is worth it.

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I'd like to know. Even if I wouldn't be aware of why or how it happened, it would give me time to get my affairs in order in advance, and to warn my loved ones so they wouldn't be taken by surprise when it happened.

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Yes. I would tell everyone the day I was gonna die and then when I did, they'd all be freaked out. Best prank ever.

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I said yes pretty much for the reasons you stated. But then again, I also chose the red pill on a previous poll!

I guess I have a little bit of a fear of not being able to say goodbye to loved ones too, so I'd like to be able to do that and make sure they would be taken care of and provided for accordingly. My uncle recently passed away and he knew roughly when he was going to die, so before his time he made sure my aunt would be settled and she'd have nothing else to worry about. For that reason I think I too would like to know when I was going to die.

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It's tough. I have anxiety already and knowing the day I would die would probably worry me everyday. On the other hand it also sets my expectations and would give me ample chance to warn everyone. It's a coin toss for sure.

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Yes. I say yes because I'd rather know now then have to think or worry about it for the rest of my life. Like many people, I fear the unknown, so having that little amount of control over death would make dying just a little easier. I'd still have to deal with the biggest unknown which is what happens after death, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Also, being able to plan accordingly would be nice.

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Ignorance is bliss.

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Sure, why not.

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No. I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it.

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I totally would because I know I wouldnt change my lifestyle in order to lengthen my life.  I think it would make my life more fun.

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No way. That's some morbid shit to have rattling around in your head all the time. I hate morbid shit.

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Yeah, sure. I wonder how such knowledge would change me.

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I voted yes on accident....

I have no need to know the date of my death.

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I voted yes, but I'm a bit iffy on my choice. Ideally, I'd want to be prepared if to leave something for my children if it happened before my natural time.

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When my cousin was 12 years old he went to a psychic and she asked him if he wanted to hear the good news or the bad news first.

My cousin replied "I want the bad news."

She told him he was going to die in a skiing accident when he was 27 years old.

That's next year.


We joke about it all the time. (never mind that it's kinda screwed up to tell a 12 year old kid that)

He said he was just going to snowboard that year and I pointed out well what if someone skiing hit's you on your snowboard and you die.

And don't you dare get on a jet-ski that summer either. (as well as some other creative situations I thought up that I will not repeat here)

He seems to be taking it OK though, I'll revisit this post and update within a year.

; )

Edit: I voted NO

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Yes of course, it would be awesome and I can never understand why people say no to this question.

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Lucky for me I'm not worry about death. I ain't got much to live for anyway.

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Can't say I care either way.

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Hell no.

I'm the embodiment of ignorance is bliss. I ignore everything I can.

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It's a paradoxically impossible scenario. What would happen if I then jumped off a building, if it couldn't change?

But no, I wouldn't. I like the idea of not knowing.

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Probably, only because I would do crazy hilarious shit leading up to it

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@officervanhalen said:

It's a paradoxically impossible scenario. What would happen if I then jumped off a building, if it couldn't change?

Well then I guess either it would be a failed suicide attempt if the date would supposed to be later or something? Obviously, this question kind of negates the possibility of suicide.

It was hard for me to decide, but I don't think I'd want to know the date. For now, I'm fine with not knowing when I'm going to die and being constantly reminded of that date would be a pain.

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Nope, would be too much of a mindfuck in my day-to-day life. The delusion that I'm going to live forever keeps me going.

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@falserelic said:

Lucky for me I'm not worry about death. I ain't got much to live for anyway.

Jesus, what are you, a down-on-your-luck cop in an action movie? Take some antidepressants, will you?

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Fuck no. No no no no. Hell no. Who the fuck is answering yes? What?! I?! WHAT IS THIS?!

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might make me act in an interesting manner, so yes.

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It depends. If I will die in some horrible accident and can prevent it, yes, I want to know. If I am going to die because of old age, then no, I don't. Ignorance is bliss in some occasions, but knowledge can save your life.

I answered assuming I will die an old, grey bearded man.

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No. The months and weeks before that date would suck.

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Yes, but with one condition i was given a 5 year lead time so i know when to start with the hookers and blow and go out in a blaze of glory.

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Yes. Because when you know when you will die, you also know you will survive everything else.

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No, if I knew I would spend whatever time I have left trying to change the time I die.

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I'd like to know. Knowing if it I had 5 years or 50 years to go I would change how I'll live accordingly. Because you can do things more care-free, with less concern about your body breaking down if you're going to die at 30 than at 80. I think it'd be useful to know & I don't think it'd haunt you for too long, except maybe the first couple of days after finding out & then the last day or so waiting for it to come.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1 said:

I voted yes on accident....

I have no need to know the date of my death.


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I would want to know. Most people are procrastinators - having an absolute deadline and knowing the fact that you can't just always "do it tomorrow" will make me accomplish more in life.

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Nope. With my anxiety issues, knowing the date I died, even if it was 30 years from today, I'd obsess every day, unending, and probably have a nervous breakdown. Then I'd end up a gibbering lunatic that died even earlier than the date.

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Nope, I'm just going to assume I'm going to live forever, and work on saving money, getting educated, and eventually building a career. I don't fear death, I'd just rather be surprised by it.

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@Franstone: An overhead airplane is going to drop one of these out of the sky:

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I've personally experienced situations where a loved one has died suddenly without warning and where we knew death was imminent but had time to prepare for it and basically say goodbye. Without a question, knowing was better than having someone suddenly disappear with their last day spent as any other normal day would be.

For the reason of allowing people who care about me and I care about to know beforehand and prepare, I would like to know. I already know I'm going to die but knowing when would allow me to map out the rest of my life accordingly. Even if I were to find out that I'd be dying in like a week, or tomorrow. I could still make calls, say goodbyes and cancel my cable internet.

I feel like there's a giant gulf between being ignorant of something and being stupid. And choosing to be ignorant when given a choice feels like something only a stupid person would do. But that's just my own stupid opinion =D

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I really don't wanna know until there's like a day left. Then I could say goodbyes.

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Fuck no.

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Would you rather know when you die, or would you rather know how you die?

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Not even a little bit.

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Yes, it would give me so much power over my life. You would eventually get over the knowing much in the way when you were told everyone dies as a kid.

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Yes, It would allow me to plan my life accordingly. Well, assuming it was far enough away, if it was like in 5 minutes, i would freak out.

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Yeah, I'd like to make sure I accomplish what I want to before I die.