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Fucking christ...I hope it comes in time by thursday for tron legacy...prolly not 
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There are more Jeff Bridges t-shirts out there? Actually, you know what, it doesn't matter, this is great.

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Aw damn, they only have 2x, so my belly is gonna be hanging out. Totally worth it!

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Heh heh. Very cool.

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I'm partial to this one: 

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I went into this thinking the shirt would be dumb, but instead it's fucking awesome.

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I just watched Crazy Heart tonight. Jeff Bridges was great as Bad Blake.

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...awesome. For a second there, I thought about buying it.

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I already bought 3 shirts from teefury yesterday. Love me some Grab Bag specials.

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I would buy all of these shirts & give them to people as presents so that I could look at them all the time in social settings.

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Fuckin 'a man, i got a rash

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I had to try very very hard to not buy one, fortunately i succeeded.