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It's no better than gamefaqs now.

#2 Posted by SamStrife (1328 posts) -

Wonderful post. Your writing style really comes into its own as it goes on.

#3 Posted by Joker369 (933 posts) -

Okay......I guess you don't have a reason?

#4 Posted by Humanity (12027 posts) -

At first I wasn't sure but as I read on your message won me over through pure logic and magnificent prose.

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Wow, this topic is really well thought out. I'm sure it will foster a lot of productive discussion

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Sure, and you're our saviour, right? Because posts like this are going to create tons of productive discussion, aren't they?

What? It was just a snarky comment that is far worse than anything else currently on the front page of the forums? Oh, right, yeah. I always get confused between dumb snarky comments and worthwhile threads with discussion value.