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So i was downloading the bombcast and then..this happened:

 Download pl0x?

And yes,i checked, it isn't downloading jack shit. Before it kept crashing and it said i should update quick time-it didn't help. I tried disabling quick time and it didn't help either. So,how do i fix it and actually start downloading? Also,this isn't in bug reporting because
A) Insects have nothing to do with this story
B) Its probably not a bug and I'm doing something wrong xP
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Right click the "Download mp3" button and select "save as"? 

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click file, then save as.

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On the button for download podcast, right click and save as.

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Haha aah you kids today are so spoiled with getting everything handed to you with a single click.
When I was your age I had to right click and THEN click to get my stuff onto my hard drive!
*Shakes head* Those were harsh times..

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How does one know how to take a screenshot, upload it, and post it on a message board (and register for an online website message board) and not know how to download an mp3 file? 

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@L33tfella_H:  I'm kinda dense so sorry but...

When i right click It gives me this:

Am i supposed to click Save Link As?
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@Anthony: Again,I'm kinda dense :(
My clients are super happy to have a dense lawyer :P
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@AnotherDuder: Yes.
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@Nictel:  k thnx bai
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Go to tools - settings  - programs in Firefox and you can change it to automatically download .mp3 files. What happened to you was that it was set to play in the QuickTime plugin for Firefox.

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@Bennyishere: Oh! Thanks :D