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So what do you guys thing: WU-TANG or N.W.A.?

(personally WUTANG! WUTANG!  Olympic torch flamin'

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they are both good, too bad NWA broke up after Ice Cube observed that Eazy was stealing in his song no vaseline.

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Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck wid, for me anyway, even though I was raised on NWA shit.

RIP Eazy E ^^

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The Beatles.

They qualify as rap, right?
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RZArector FTW!
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Wu Tang is good but they haven't been relevant in years. NWA a least led to the whole West Coast Gangsta Rap scene.

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NWA are incredibly important, but I'm a much bigger fan of the Wu. In comparing production genius between RZA and Dre and rap skills between members of both (though Wu easily wins on quantity), they come pretty close but long-term, I enjoy Wu-tang's subject matter and general vibe a lot more.

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Why was this not a poll?

But Wu-Tang is my answer. They both had amazing debut albums and never came close to that level of brilliance again, but I'd take the rest of the Wu-Tang catalog over the rest of NWA's efforts, and I'd take Enter the Wu-Tang Clan over Straight Outta Compton.

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I totally love and respect NWA for the long-term effect they had and the quality of that debut album but any doubts I have about the WU are completely destroyed when I listen to 36 Chambers again. They are the shit.

Are you a warrior? Killer? SLICIN SHIT LIKE A SAMURAH

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Wu-Tang just for the sheer longevity. I mean you still got Ghostface and Raekwon pumping out great albums to this day and don't forget that the Clan has a new album coming out soon.

Not to say that N.W.A. wasn't important, if it wasn't for them the west coast wouldn't have had the impact that it did in the early to mid 90's.

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NWA....I really don't get the 36 Chambers love.

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N.W.A. for me.

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@spaceinsomniac said:

Why was this not a poll?

Yo @oldrtybstrd, where my poll at? How you ain't got my poll when I let you hold it?

This topic is nearly 5 years old dude, I doubt he visits this site anymore

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"I'll fuckin. I'll fuckin sew your ass cheeks shut and keep feedin you and feeding you."

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The fact that Ice Cube was in NWA means it automatically wins.

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The Rza, The Gza, Masta Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Ghostface Killah, Raekwan the Chef, and the Ol duh duh dirty bastard

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Why not both?

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Wu-Tang. Every time.

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For beats, Dre vs RZA, it's close. For rhymes and rhythm, it the Wu-Tang with relative easy. But in overall lifetime revenue of the members, NWA is probably a clear winner.

Personally, going by my old ass tastes alone I will agree with @giantgus.

G to the R to the A to the V, E to the D to the I to the G, G to the A to the zig-zag Z. Gravedigga. <glass bottle crash> Six feet deep.

(That had the best non-explicit lyrics version ever.)

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Wu Tang

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Wu Tang are much more talented and still making good music

Edit: Also, that fucking bump

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NWAs music had a possitive message which is waaaay more then you can say about todays rap.

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I thought this was about the Wonderful Universe of This Ain't No Game.

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@darson: I had the same thought and hope. What do you think the NWA Giant Bomb video feature would be about?

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WU-TANG is for the children. WU-TANG is forever.

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NWA, its the only right answer.

And yeah, this was a strange necro.

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NWA with Wu as a close second, got into rap because of NWA, Ice Cube and Dre so they hold a special place in my heart.

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Ohhhhhh baaaaaby

It is appropriate that a thread started by ODB got necroed

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NWA. The G-funk synth is unbeatable.

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Really apples to oranges. Both have different styles. That being said, I've gotten into this argument with my friends many a time. While we all love both immensely I fall on the N.W.A. side, everyone else falls on the Wu. Both "Straight Outta Compton" and "Enter the Wu-Tang" are seminal rap albums. Easily two of the best there have been. Hard to choose.

I break it down like this.

Beats: Dre vs the RZA, I think I give the slight edge to RZA. Keep in mind, this is only in regards to their stuff with their respective groups. I think once Dre went solo he outclasses the RZA in most cases. Not only making the fantastic "The Chronic" album, but also discovering Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

"Leader": I think that the face/hypeman of N.W.A. was Eazy-E. I think for the Wu that was either the RZA, ODB, or Method Man. I prefer E in this case, I think he was just more fun to listen to. More of a character.

Actual Rapping: Real toss up here. The Wu definitely has sheer volume behind them, and no real glaring flaws (some argue U-God, I don't like those people). That being said, I truly believe that Ice Cube is the greatest rapper who has ever lived. He can easily stand toe-to-toe with any individual member of the Wu. MC Ren is (while not quite as good as Ice) in a very similar spot. Dre and E don't have the lyrical flow of Ice Cube, Ren, Meth, Inspectah Deck, ODB, RZA, GZA, Ghostface, or Raekwon.

So I guess... I guess I didn't really come out with a side. I enjoy N.W.A. more, but that's in large part due to me growing up with them. I think the Wu-Tang may be a stronger group, but they have been together much longer. Separate the two groups though and I think that N.W.A.'s members, hell Ice Cube alone, did better work then any individuals of the Wu (not that they're stuff was bad, it's just all that damn good).

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East Coast son.


RZA was the mastermind, Method Man is the star.

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"I hope one day 20 years from now nerds on a video game site argue the merits of my talents/legacy" -- rapper from the 80's/90's

I always preferred Wu-Tang, but NWA meant more to the genre.

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The Wu for me. Although growing up in New York probably factors in.

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WU-TANG mainly for GZA's Liquid Swords

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Look, you got The RZA, the GZA, Ol Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, U-God, Ghost Face Killer and the M-E-T-H-O-D Man!

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WU-TANG. 36 Chambers. Not that NWA isn't great, but I prefer the WU-TANG family overall.

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Wu Tang son.

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None. Geto boys!

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Who cares? They're both great

(but because i love Kung Fu movies, WUTANG. WUTANG!)

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Wu Tang, and it isn't even close.