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Season 1 is free for everyone? I picked up the pc version.

I've never watched dbz before, this should be interesting...

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Ahm.... I have an XONE already, and I'm just not gonna buy it. I feel pretty good about it.

I've seen it.

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i'll probably keep it playing in the background on my xb1.

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Sweet. I like free things. It's the only time I every use a Microsoft store.

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@blu3v3nom07: That may be... But have you seen it in glorious "remastered" 1080p?! I didn't think so!

Anyway OP you should watch Dragon Ball first if you haven't seen that. It's much better than DBZ.

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I must be missing something, I don't see any kind of option to get them.

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@bigjeffrey: Rock the Dragon is officially my new favorite slang term for masturbation.

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@turtlebird95: Aah, I bought it. I looked and its in glorious SD.

Oh boy!

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@bane122 said:

I must be missing something, I don't see any kind of option to get them.

I think you can only stream it until the 10th. Not "own" them.

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@bigjeffrey: When I "bought" the season it unlocked all the episodes, with the option to download each one. Pretty sure it's for keeps.

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@blu3v3nom07: Wow really? It says 1080p for me. Damn, Xbox Video is weird.

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HD. So only Season 1 is HD?

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Is it the original or Kai? I'd much rather watch the one where they chop out all the filler.

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Why would anyone watch this censored bullshit US version? Also Kai is much better^^

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@darji: Shaq Fu outta here! The American music is way better!

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I already own the Level sets, Kai, the Dragon Boxes and the Blu-ray sets that are just being released, so I'm good. Free is free though.

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Oh man, this is original-ass Dragonball Z. I just watched a little bit of it, and oh my gosh.

It's so beautiful. ;_;

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Oh no, now I'm just watching Dragonball Z...

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Oh no, now I'm just watching Dragonball Z...

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Thank you Microsoft, and thank you XBOX.. Christmas finally came early this year.

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@turtlebird95: same here. The true classic for me is the first Dragon Ball. It started showing signs of what was to come by the end though. Unsurprisingly as it follow the manga of course, which is a single work.

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All this old anime is coming back... I watched episode 1 of Pokemon yesterday.

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time to get those xbox video acheivements ya'll!!!

If only the made DBZ abridged something official....to all of you who've seen DBZ I suggest going to youtube and watching DBZ Abridged for a good time.

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I sure have some big nostalgia for DBZ, 5 minute long power ups, crazy number of reactions shots and all. Also it has to have Bruce Falconer music or its not DBZ, that stuff was imprinted into my 8 year old brain.

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I feel like watching actual Dragonball Z, played straight with all of the filler, is not something I'd necessarily be into. Like, I've reached the point where hearing the actual voice actors in that Battle of Z quick look instead of the guys who do DBZ abridged was weird for me.

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Going through a couple of episodes was kinda nice nostalgia. Plus it gave me my first video achievement. Woo Hoo?

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Free? Of course I'll download it. "I want to watch Dragonball Z for no reason, even though I don't know if I actually like it or not" is a feeling I have definitely had at points in my life. It's a fun watch, if not pure storytelling gold.

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I've only watched it like...42 times...what's a 43rd time?

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Piccolo is bad ass.