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  • You are standing in line to withdraw money from the wall, Just as you are about to do so you notice a 50$ bill is still sticking out from the previous customer.
  • Tough you are unrelated to the owner you do have their description from just having seen him/her run off and know what shop they entered to find them.
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i'd return it. i wouldn't like it if that happened to me, so i figure that somebody else wouldn't like it either

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If I know who it belongs to, of course I'd return it. If I didn't, I'd just keep the cash.

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Do you mean $50?

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Return it. If I made the same mistake, I would want someone to try to return it to me. It's only right that I hold myself up to the same standards that I hold other people up to.

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*gasp* I'm shocked some people have chosen options B and C!

I'd return it for sure. If they had just 'run' off it could have been that they were getting the money out for something really important. Like porn or chocolate or something. So mm, A.

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If I just come across $50 I'm going to keep it, but if I actively see someone drop it I'm going to try and return it.

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I'd return it, I'm not just going to steal all that money from someone.

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Keep it. If you're dumb enough to leave it then thats your problem.

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I once found someone's ATM card still in a machine and logged in. I ejected it and returned it to the bank before someone could steal from the poor sod that left it there.

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@Landon said:

If I just come across $50 I'm going to keep it, but if I actively see someone drop it I'm going to try and return it.

This is exactly what I was going to say.

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You find $50.

>use $50 on wallet

You put the $50 in your wallet.


You go north.

You find yourself at an eatery.

>enter eatery

I do not understand "enter".

> open eatery door

You find yourself inside an eatery. A foodsman looks at you expectantly.

> tell foodsman to put food in me


> use $50 on foodsman

You reach for your wallet, but it's missing! The foodsman stares intently at you.

> look for wallet

As you pat your pockets and search the floor, the foodsman grows impatient and stabs you in the face. As you fall through the front door, you see a man across the street pick up your wallet and take the $50.

Game over. You scored 1 out of a possible 350.

(R)estore, {Q)uit, (N)ew Game?

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Well, when I was a bus boy at work I found a money clip full of cash (probably $200 - $300) at a table, so I rushed outside with it to return it and got it back to the person on time and all I got was an accusatory glare as if I had stole it but decided to give it back at the last second. Not even a "Thank you." So, probably keep it unless the owner is in the immediate area. (So, basically not going to go out of my way to return it.)

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Depends. Were they a dick and sped up so they could beat me to the machine?

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If I see the person leave it there I return it but if I show up at the machine and there is no one around its going towards Borderlands 2.

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@Rebel_Scum said:

Keep it. If you're dumb enough to leave it then thats your problem.

It's usually not a matter of intelligence. Sometimes people are in a rush, have something on their mind, or the money just drops without them noticing.

If it was $50 I would return it. That is to big of a sum to just walk away and not care. I know my day would be fucking ruined if I lost 50 dollars.

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If I can easily find them I'll return it. Otherwise, I can't think of any particular reason not to keep it.

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If I knew who to return it to I would return it.

@ShaggE: I like the word Foodsman

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If they look wealthy keep it.

Edit: Never mind, I'll feel bad if it was me.

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Sucks to be that other person but it's my $50 now.

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@SSully said:

@Rebel_Scum said:

Keep it. If you're dumb enough to leave it then thats your problem.

... or the money just drops without them noticing.

Thats not what the OP asked so I'm not answering for that scenario. If you go to an ATM withdraw money and leave without your money, thats pretty absent minded.

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If I knew who it belonged to then yes I would return it, if I just found it on the ground then I would keep it.

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$50 (or 50$, even) is probably worth the warm fuzzy feeling you get for doing a good deed. I'd return it.

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What 50$? I didn't see anything are you crazy? ... you had 50?... that's right you had.

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If I know who it belongs to I return it, I have been in similar situations already in reality for far larger sums of cash, returned it then too.

#29 Posted by believer258 (12317 posts) -

If I can return it, yes.

If the fellow's already driven off, I'll buy a gaming PC from whatever pawn shop this guy goes to.

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I found a 100 bill in a lobby once, left it with reception; next time I stopped in, nobody claimed so they gave it to me.

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Do the right thing and return it... so you can stab him in the chest and take the rest of his money.

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If I see a person drop it without noticing it I return it. But if I just find it I keep it. I can't just go around saying "hey is this $50 yours?" Unless someone makes a announcement or something.

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Depends how far they walked off, if it's more than 20m, i'm not walking that far. If i have to walk into a lingerie shop, i'm not doing that. If they walked into a department store, probably won't find them.

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I would return it. No reason not to since I know who what they look like. But I've kept a few 1$ that were just abandoned. At least I assumed they were or whoever dropped them didn't care since it's not that big of a deal.

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If I can still see them in eye sight and get to them without needing to sprint down a street or screaming and wave my arms around like a wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man then I would give it back. Other wise I would keep it and buy a $50 hooker for an hour. Or 10 $5 hookers. The options!

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@xobballox said:

so I rushed outside with it to return it and got it back to the person on time and all I got was an accusatory glare as if I had stole it but decided to give it back at the last second. Not even a "Thank you."

I have a pretty similar story,

Last time i found a wallet it dropped almost too good to be true right infront of me from a bicyclyst I yelled for the guy and ran after him as he had luckily stopped at the first trafficlight. Upon returning the wallet the first thing he did was flip trough the wallet to check its contents gave me a mean accusatory glare and drove of without saying a word.

The whole endeavor was rather insulting especially considering i actually went out of my way (read;gave chase to catch him). It actually ruined my mood for the day and kept telling myself that i should have just kept it. A simple thank you would have been enough to make me feel a small hero for my good and noble deed but instead next time this happens i will probably go for option B.

Being nice just does not pay in this world.

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Return it, because what good is Earthly currency to me? How would you determine the conversion rate of currencies between countries that have never interacted with each other economically? Or what would be the use of such a figure?

#38 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

Return it.

#39 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

I'd think I was being pranked because $50 bills aren't that common, especially out of ATMs.

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Wait, why is this even a question? Is it really that uncertain? Of course you should return it to that person. If they're no longer around or you can't find them, then keep it, but if they just walked away, definitely go give it to them. Wouldn't you want someone to do that for you, as well?

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Return because you can find the person, otherwise keep it.

#42 Posted by Simplexity (1382 posts) -

It's 50 bucks, that's really not worth stealing.

#43 Posted by Intro (1212 posts) -

Depends on the mood I'm in. Unless I see the person drop it, then I always give it back to them.

#44 Posted by avidwriter (665 posts) -

Most likely return it, unless I see the person getting into a 50K+ car, the fuck'em.

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Tear the bill into two pieces, with one half longer than the other. I'd then insert the smaller half back into the machine to make it appear as if no money had been taken. I would then walk away quickly, the false bill left there to confuse the owner for just a bit longer so I could assure my escape.

I would then trade my bill in at a bank, as they can legally replace bills if you have more than half of it intact.

I would spend it on whiskey.

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Keep it other.

Cause I am a greedy punk.

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Oh, whoops, I chose without reading what you wrote. I chose D and thought the other choices were a little one sided other than A, but my real choice is A. I would have chosen D if it was just something that was sitting there and it was apparent that it was no ones at the place I'm at, then again, maybe not. I have done this in the past, but it was to no thought of anyone else when I was younger pretty much. I think anyone in their right mind would return it though, so A.

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Ten years ago, I would have returned it. Today, I would keep it, no doubt. Life has made me callous to the errors of others. Plus, if you left the 50 hanging out of the ATM, then realized it a little later, would you expect it to be there when you got back? Of course not. It's as good as gone. It's what most people would do. And I wouldn't be mad about it at all if I were on the other side of it. I'd chalk it up to me being a dumbass and that's it.

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I'd take it and give it a super-heavy stinkfingering before giving it back so that I can remain karma-neutral. I'm always trying to keep my karma footprint low.

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True Story:

Went to a great local show, had a great time, chatted up the lovely lady dancer and she invited me to the after party. Then, to make the night better, I found $80 just laying on the street outside. What luck! I went to the house party and saw the lovely lady crying. She apparently lost her money. She suspected some one may have stolen it and her intimidating friends were getting restless. I, as noble and honest as a knight, handed her the cash I found. The lovely lady dancer was so please that she gave me a wonderful kiss...on the cheek. Not what i expected but I felt good none the less.

Later I learned that the cash I found was not hers, but was more then enough to make up for the loss. I also learned that she was not interested in my gender. It's always best to do the right thing, with the right motivations.