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You're true alingment as of now

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da fuk is this

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Chaotic Evil, always.

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Lawful Neutral.

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PC...oh :(

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Chaotic Neutral

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I feel Chaotic Neutral right now.

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All i know is that my gut says maybe

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I rolled 1 and found myself in this thread.

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What Does it Mean?

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@Commisar123 said:

You're true alingment as of now

Your. alignment.

Also, its 'true neutral'

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@oatz said:

da fuk is this
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I wish I knew how to find out.

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fyi these are the D n D alignments

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@Immuniity: Neutral alignment, also referred to as True Neutral or Neutral Neutral, is called the "Undecided" or "Nature's" alignment. 
You're both correct.
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Well, I'm leaning forward right now.

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What is this about?

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Lawful Good has been and still is the way I roll.

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Lawful Neutral. Whatever the fuck that means.

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Neutral Neutral.  I'm a sceptical post-modernish creature right now. 
Plus, 'The Neutral Neutral' is a brilliant name for an indie band.

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" Based on your answers to the quiz, your character’s most likely alignment is Neutral Good." That's what the D&D Alignment Test told me.

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Neutral Good!

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Oh, thats weird. I was talking with my friend about this last night. He said it always interesting to see what alignment you think you are and then compare that against what others would pick for you.  But in my case we both said Nuetral Good.
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Always Chaotic Neutral.

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Green Microsoft?

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PC and Virgo as always. Oh, you mean that alignment.... Lawful Evil.

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For those who are confused, check this page
And I'm always chaotic evil.

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Lawful good.
EDIT: A link for anyone who has no idea what the fuck we are talking about.

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I forget how this works but I picked Lawful Evil because I don't care about others but have my own moral code haha

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Always be Chaotic Neutral... Always.

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Wow..not a lot of table top gamers anymore I guess...

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Neutral good.  Kind of boring.

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@Immuniity said:

@Commisar123 said:

You're true alingment as of now

Your. alignment.

Also, its 'true neutral'

it's *
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All the ladies love the Neutral Good.

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chaotic good, baby

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Neutral Good

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Now that I've voted, I picked the wrong thing. Poop. I'm usually more of a Lawful/Neutral type of person. But I voted Neutral/Good.

It's hard to be a true Neutral/Neutral.

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Chaotic good all the way, since the mods here tend to suck. AND IF THIS GETS MODDED FOR WHATEVER REASON, YOU'RE ONLY PROVING MY POINT. Caps lock intentional.

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Definitely Neutral Good.

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what the crap is this hell

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My allegiance is to Giant Bomb. I will stop all those who stand in it's way.

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Illegally Sexy

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Since when has it been called Neutral Neutral?

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Can not compute, not that nerdy... JK

Seriously though.. i kind of understand it but don't understand the full meaning of each option, i assume chaotic good is something along the lines of always do good blah blah.. whatever the option for "grey" is, that's me.

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@TheGreatGuero: So you say. Well, my friend... be glad I left my hacking software in my other pants.
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I'd say that I am Neutral Good. I prefer to be nice and help out people, but I am not overly concerned about being a dick.

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@Immuniity said:

@Commisar123 said:

You're true alingment as of now

Your. alignment.

Also, its 'true neutral'