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#1 Posted by VictorK (77 posts) -

I was 8 years old and I had quite recently seen Jurassic Park on Vhs. Like everyone, I loved that movie, and then I got to know that there was a sequel coming. 
I went to se the The Lost World in late september of 1997 with my mom and her husband.
 I was totally blown away by seeing the dinosaurs on a such a big screen.  The movie was really exciting, with the two t-rexes and all, as well as the smart velociraptors. And the ending in San Diego. Man, I really loved that film.
I still think its a good film, and dat theme is still really great.
So yeah, what has been your favourite time at the movies?

#2 Posted by geirr (2713 posts) -

Jurrasic Park and LOTR stand out as awesome experiences.

#3 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

October 2010. Watching Inception for the first time.

#4 Posted by Yanngc33 (4461 posts) -

Most recently, the best time I had at a movie theater was at Drive because HOLY SHIT THAT THING IS AMAZING

#5 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

I was 15 and I saw Ratatouille (currently my favorite Pixar movie) with my big sister. : )

Simple, I know.

#6 Edited by Redbullet685 (6090 posts) -

Went to see my favorite movie ever, Back To The Future, at a theater last summer and it was awesome.

#7 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

Lord of the Rings, Mortal Kombat, Tron

#8 Posted by SMTDante89 (2587 posts) -

The first thing that came to mind was War. I thought it was a good movie, but what made it enjoyable was the fact that I saw it with some of my closest friends at the time. Now those times are too few and too far between.

#9 Posted by AlexW00d (6446 posts) -

Lack of back row BJs surprises me.

#10 Posted by MysteriousBob (6272 posts) -

Seeing Borat. People actually stood up for the national anthem at the end.

#11 Posted by Marbazoid (55 posts) -

Seeing the phantom menace when I was 10 years old. Of course, I have different opinions of it now, but gawd that shit was awesome when I was 10.

#12 Edited by BulletproofMonk (2733 posts) -

Seeing Inglorious Basterds with a group of friends. The theater was packed and everyone was having a great time. It was fucking amazing.

#13 Posted by Daneian (1251 posts) -

Dark Knight at its midnight release. Electricity in the air.

#14 Posted by JasonR86 (9729 posts) -

I remember having a great time going to Jurassic Park. It was one of the few movies I saw in the theater more then once. I also saw the first Saw movie with some of my friends at a midnight showing. That was a lot of fun too.

#15 Edited by DjCmeP (1148 posts) -

I think the best time I have ever had at the cinema was watching Hangover 2, not because it was an incredible movie but because there was almost nobody there..just me and some dude in the front row.

Oh yeah..I also had a free ticket.

#16 Posted by RockAction (373 posts) -

pearl jam twenty

life changing, although my life has yet to change, so just outlook changing

#17 Posted by Dagbiker (6978 posts) -

Starwars III, I saw it with my girlfriend.

#18 Edited by zombie2011 (5052 posts) -

Harry Potter 3.

I went to see it with my friend, didn't really care about the franchise, but fuck that was a great movie.

#19 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8607 posts) -

Millennium: The girl who played with fire.
That movie skullfucked me, I was shocked by the awesomeness of it.

#20 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

You guys continually have the worst taste.

#21 Edited by Kucheeky (258 posts) -

LOTR trilogy for me. I doubt anything will ever top that experience.

#22 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5138 posts) -

Jackass 3D was pretty fun.

#23 Posted by BUCK3TM4N (549 posts) -

i was like 5 when i saw star war ep 1 first day then saw it like 4 more times

#24 Posted by SuperMarioWorld (6 posts) -

I saw Spawn in theaters back in 1997, that was awesome experience.

#25 Posted by theodacourt (546 posts) -

I've been too many times, having worked in them for years and having a subscription card, but the one that stands out to me is probably the first POTC. That is still an amazing film and it was an amazing time with the right friends. Also loved the Matrix and Star Wars II at the time.

#26 Posted by Double0hFor (410 posts) -

TOY STORY 3! only movie to have me in tears, manly tears

#27 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4859 posts) -

Cloverfield, alone, middle seat of the front row.

It was glorious.

#28 Posted by BoFooQ (752 posts) -

me and some friends went to see gingle all the way, cause we got into most movies for free. aside from the 5 or 6 of us there is only one other person there. He was already there when we come in and we sit 2 rows behind him and talk and drink through the whole movie. we probably made more jokes ourselves than was in the movie. Actually watched movie last year again and was suprised how much I enjoyed it.

#29 Posted by supermonkey122 (874 posts) -

Jackass 3d with my friends

#30 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5818 posts) -

Watching Jackass 3D with my friend. 
It was only us two and this other couple, and then some shady looking guy came in and hid something behind some of the seats. Then mall security came and took him away. We tried to look for whatever it was that he hid but didn't find anything. We did notice a beeping noise though coming from that area.
So yeah, that was weird but fun.

#31 Posted by MikeGosot (3227 posts) -

Although it's far from the best movie ever; my experience with Real Steel was awesome. I saw it with my girlfriend and, man, i still don't believe how much i love that movie.

#32 Posted by BlinkyTM (1046 posts) -

Monsters Inc, Toy Story 3, or Toy Story 2. Loved all of those in the theaters.

#33 Posted by uberpwner93 (413 posts) -

A couple of months ago "The Big Lebowski" was playing at my local Alamo Drafthouse at midnight. A friend, my brother, and I went and no one else was there. We just shouted out quotes as the appeared in the flick.

#34 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1213 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

October 2010. Watching Inception for the first time.

YES! also LOTR

went to see inception 4 times in the theaters.

#35 Edited by Rudeboy217 (1771 posts) -

Watching Enter the Void in a theater the summer before my friend went to the Navy.

#36 Posted by SSully (4334 posts) -

@HandsomeDead said:

You guys continually have the worst taste.

I would love to hear your best cinema experience. Your superior taste must trump everyone else's experiences here.

#37 Edited by DonChipotle (2852 posts) -

I saw D-War because my friends are assholes and during the middle of the movie I walked out and got a full refund and waited outside the theater where I promptly punched each of my friends in the face once they left.

#38 Edited by JCTango (1366 posts) -

@Cloudenvy said:

I was 15 and I saw Ratatouille (currently my favorite Pixar movie) with my big sister. : )

Simple, I know.

That's one of my favourite Pixar movies also :).

For me my favourite time at the cinema was when we watched Shaun of the Dead. We waited until the hype was over - almost had the whole theatre ourselves!

#39 Posted by Dagbiker (6978 posts) -

I worked at a movie theater, but for some reason I must have blocked it out. But I remember finding condoms, and shit, I never had to deal with that. Unused condoms I might add.

#40 Posted by DarthOrange (3908 posts) -

Watching Finding Nemo. I'm a huge Disney fan and that movie came out on my birthday, and we ended up watching the last showing that day. It was the perfect cherry on top of an amazing day.

#41 Posted by WickedFather (1733 posts) -

Went to a midnight showing of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels with 4 friends, all of us drunk. There were 3 other people in the cinema. It was hilarious.

#42 Posted by louiedog (2335 posts) -

Jurassic Park was a big one from my youth. I read that book in three days (skipping some of the science bits that I didn't understand) when I about 8 after seeing something about the upcoming movie in a magazine. I was blown away by how amazing it was on screen even though it was also probably my first "the book was better" moment.

The best experience was probably The Dark Knight. My best friend flew in that week for a visit and we managed to get tickets for an early screening at the IMAX at the SF Metreon. I've been to screenings before and often they get oversold which means you have to get there early and you still might get a shitty seat or no seat at all. Not this one. There were more seats than people. We got a great place near the front of the line and ended up with perfect seats. And unlike other screenings where people often act like dicks because they got free movie passes and don't care, these tickets were from a promo website for fans. They sold out immediately before the free movie crowd got word. Everyone was excited to be there. It made for a great movie experience.

#43 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -

Inception was a fun crowd. The part where they cut to the van falling everyone just had a nervous convulsive laugh of 'wow, this is kinda insane' and the end with the top, everyone just erupted.

I'd say best time would be seeing Matrix 3 in a theater with my and my brothers, alone. It was just fun.

#44 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -

@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Millennium: The girl who played with fire. That movie skullfucked me, I was shocked by the awesomeness of it.

You mean the first one with lisbeth and her careaker?

I found the latter two movies very boring, droll and dragged on too long. I don't think I can remember anything of import happening in 2

#45 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3489 posts) -

My happiest moment at the cinema would probably be when I went to see a late-ish viewing of Let Me In and promptly discovered that I was the only person who decided to see Let Me In on that particular night.

#46 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3088 posts) -

I remember seeing Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace with my dad as a kid at the midnight premier. I loved it and it was terribly exciting, though my opinions of it have changed dramatically since then.

#47 Posted by benitobb (291 posts) -

When I was little I went to a local theater, which is a classic, old-fashioned theater, like in Last Action Hero, and saw Home Alone with my grandparents. My town gets flooded regularly and the theater is constantly being restored for shitty local bands and school plays, but it really was a magical place with that classical Hollywood feel.

#48 Posted by Jace (1096 posts) -

I went with my gf to the premier of the last hp. We had awesome seats and she dressed up in a slytherin robe. So fucking hot.

#49 Posted by Teoball (642 posts) -

Probably The Matrix back in 1999.

#50 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

@HandsomeDead said:

You guys continually have the worst taste.

I would love to hear your best cinema experience. Your superior taste must trump everyone else's experiences here.

It really does. People need to get out to the cinema far more often.