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What is your favorite iPhone/iPod Touch app? Mine would have to be Tap Tap Revenge 3. It's great for fans of music rhythm games.

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I have spent the most time playing Plants vs Zombies by far.

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Wurdle.  I once neglected to hold on during a sharp streetcar stop on purpose in order to get the last word before time ran out and smashed into a tiny man.  It was worth it (maybe not to him).

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None, there 99% garbage. The only apps I have are because they server a purpose, ie. MSN Messenger, Blizzard Authenticator and a app from my bank that lets me see my account balance. There isnt a single game I've come across thats worth the dollar they want to be paid.

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Fruit Ninja.There is no single person in my class who didn't go bananas after seeing me play that game.They ALL want to play it.And it gets annoying when over 10 people crowd and go like:CAN I PLAY,PLAY,PLAY,PLAY,PLAY? 
And beating the high-scores is awesome 
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words with friends..great way to kill time..