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I need to watch two of his films and I'm curious what comes most highly recommended by Giant Bomb.  I've already decided on There Will be Blood as one of them.  What say you Giant Bomb?

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Easily Magnolia.

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Boogie Nights was pretty cool. I saw that movie when I was young and dumb and didn't really understand it.
All I remember from that movie is that chick from Evolution saying "cum on my tits".

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You should watch all of them, because they're all fantastic films. P.T. Anderson is one of the most talented film makers of our time. If I have to pick one I'd pick Boogie Nights though.

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Tom Cruise is unbelievably good in that. How he lost the Oscar that year, I have no idea.

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I'll say Magnolia bcs everybody else is saying Boogie Nights. Both where great films imho. Also Punch Drunk Love is great and the only movie with Sandler in it that is worth watching mainly because it's not an adam sandlar movie.

I actually didn't find TWBB to be as good as these three.

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There Will Be Blood is my favorite but my second choice would be Boogie Nights.

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I just recently marathon'd through all of them since I was curious to check out his work - hadn't seen any of them prior. They're all really rather fantastic, though I think Punch-Drunk Love might be my favourite. It gave me a new found appreciation for Adam Sandler (which I also recently saw him in Reign on Me) and makes it almost tragic that such talent for more dramatic roles is being wasted. I particularly love the soundtrack for that movie, too, and Emily Watson is one of my favourite actresses at that.

Boogie Nights will forever hold a special place for opening my eyes to the startling similarities of a young Mark Wahlberg and Patrick Klepek, though.

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P.T. Anderson in one of my favorite filmmakers today. I recently watched Punch-Drunk Love again and remembered just how great both the music and lighting is in that film.

Anyway it is way too hard for me to pick a favorite so just watch them all.

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Boogie Nights, it's really the only PTA movie I actively enjoy watching.

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Man... Boogie Nights and Punch Drunk Love are both really awesome. Flipped a coin and PDL gets it.

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Never watch Hard Eight. It's unbearable. Boogie Nights is the easiest to watch, but Magnolia is amazing if you can overlook some of the weirdness. Punch Drunk Love is a type of weirdness that is hard to overlook.

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Only seen There Will Be Blood, that film is great. Have been hearing a lot about Magnolia, might catch that on netflix maybe.

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Magnolia's pretty good.