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What's your favorite time of the day? The question is trivial, but I'm sort of obsessed with these things.

I must say: sunsets are absolutely captivating for me.

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Night, after 22:00.

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Late evening, between 8 and 11. This is the time where I'm usually done with all of the work that I was planning on finishing and I've usually still got enough energy during this time to do whatever I need to. It's essentially the time of day where everything winds to a halt and people begin to relax.

My second favorite would have to be the hours after that. I usually don't have to fight sleep until around 1:30, so between 11 and then, when everyone's going to sleep, I've got my own little guaranteed-to-be-uninterrupted time to do whatever.

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Dawn's awesome. Then again, so is Dusk. But late morning to late afternoon is hell!

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Mother Fuckin' Chili Time!!!  Any time is chili time so what do I click?

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@bartok: Pretty sure that's an noon (daylight) thing.

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Terror Twilight

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I love gloomy afternoons for some reason, must be my inner-emo.

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Good night.

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Like 11am, after a good lie in.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

Dawn's awesome. Then again, so is Dusk. But late morning to late afternoon is hell!

Aww, thanks you.
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Night, when the mask of darkness obscures my cragged features and the veil of shadow hides my everlasting regret.

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@sungahymn:  I don't know man some of the craziest nights end with chili.
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12:27 PM. It just *gets* me, man...

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Night bc that's when I get most of my gaming in.

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I usually like the 13th or 15th. Somewhere in that range is good.

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Between 10PM. and 4AM

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Depends on the time of year for me. Summer dawns are probably my favorite.

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Lunchtime. Then dinnertime. Breakfast is usually skipped in favor of sleeping in.

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Depends, winter and fall I prefer afternoon but summer and spring I love dusk.

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No option for sexy time?

Fuck everything about this thread.

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Night. I've always been nocturnal.

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I'm an evening kind of dude, but any time is enhanced when it's raining, I just like rain for some reason.