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Have you ever given any thought to what you'd like your funeral to be like? I know I have, and I'm only a high school sophomore! Honestly, I just want mine to be very emotional, yet happy and celebratory, much like Andy Kaufman's funeral, where a video of him played during a eulogy, in which he sand a song about happiness and friends... it was beautiful (Man on the Moon, still out on DVD.)  
-On my tombstone, I want "Died tragically saving his family from a sinking battleship" on the front (from The Royal Tenenbaums), and on the back, I want, by it's self, "See you on the other side, Ray." (from Ghostbusters)  
-Much like Donald Sutherland's character in Beerfest, I'd make a video of myself on my deathbed, in my last moments. I'd make it a bit comedic to try and cheer everyone up and help them remember the good times, and at the same time, i'd make amends with all those that i've done wrong to. I probably won't commit suicide on camera, like Donald Sutherland's character did, though. 
-A playlist would continuously play, consisting of atleast 100 of my favorite songs, including "Blinded by the Light" by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO, "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen, "Life on Mars" and "Queen Bitch" by David Bowie, "Where is my Mind?" by City Wolf, "Dig for Fire" by the Pixies, "No Children", "Love Love Love", and "Old College Try" by the Mountain Goats, "the Way I Feel Inside" by the Zombies, and "Sparkplug Minuet" by Mark Mothersbaugh. They'll range from emotional to ridiculously up-beat. I'll also have some ska in there... also "Can I Kick It?" by a Tribe Called Quest. 
-As a joke, I'd like for my casket to be pink, and to everyone who is curious why, my friends would tell them that they ran out of regular caskets. 
-I want my priest to end his eulogy with "Farewell from the World of Tomorrow!" (Futurama reference) 
-I want my friends to log on my facebook during the reception, if you will, and make my status "is dead! So long, and thanks for all the fish!" Also, I want them to make a blog post on Giant Bomb, then have some discussions with the users AT THE RECEPTION!!!!
-Bagpipe players... gotta have them. 
-Being Filipino, I'd request that everyone sings karaoke. 
Overall, I just everyone to be happy. Of course, death is a tragic, and truly sad thing. But come on, with death comes new life, and I don't want people to just mourn; I'd want them to celebrate my life. The one I shared with them. Also, I want the priest in charge to be Irish or Jamaican. 
How would you want your funeral to go? Are you as specific as me, or do you just have a general thing in mind? Do you even think about this stuff? Discuss!

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A traditional Lunarian funeral for a King like me: an all-night rave where everybody gets laid!

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I was talking to someone else about this today, I want an open bar and great music. Casual wear. a wide assortment of food and beverage.

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@Video_Game_King: If you manage to pull through and make sure EVERYONE gets laid, you are truly a God amongst men, while still a king!
@Th3_James: classy... or anti-classy.... regardless, very tasteful. Kudos
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"When I die, bury me upside down, so the world can kiss my ass."

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I don't want a funeral,  instead I want my body to decay in the woods.
jk, lol

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A traditional Lunarian funeral for a King like me: an all-night rave where everybody gets laid!

It's good to be the King.


Or should I say, It's good to attend the Kings funeral.



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@Video_Game_King said:

"A traditional Lunarian funeral for a King like me: an all-night rave where everybody gets laid!"

Then no offence, but I can't wait for your death >;P
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@organicalistic_ said:

" I don't want a funeral,  instead I want my body to decay in the woods.                      jk, lol "

hmm that can be arrang..
 *sees bottom of post* 
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@organicalistic_: XD that  "jk, lol" had me laughing 
 brilliant, man *high five*
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not really, i'm already dead who cares how my funeral turns out, bury me with all my family/friends crying or smiling, burn my ashes, or throw my body in the trash. it really doesn't matter to me as I would have no knowledge of it. 

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All I know is that I'm getting burnt and having my ashes put into paint. That paint will then be used to depict a sunset and I'll be hung on the wall.
Oh, and songs that have to be played:

  • All of the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack
  • Björk - New World
  • Feeder - Moonshine
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I want the funeral of the guy in The Meaning of Life that gets chased by naked women before falling off a cliff into a grave on the beach. One can dream.

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I would either get burned and have my ashes put into an ashtray. 
Or another idea that might sound crazy. 
Put my tombstone-thingy in the coffin and have me standing on the grass instead :D 
Seriously though, I have far too much fun to be thinking about my funeral in a serious manner.  
I have thought of one thing that would be funny (In my twisted little mind) 
When I get put into the hole and dirt gets put on top of my great box of safety (that's important, being dead and all, last thing we want is for dirt to get on my suit) I want a stone-thingy at my "final" resting place that says something nice (a bunch of lies, really) about me, and my name and stuff like that.. 
But also, everytime someone would walk up to my grave and put down flowers, or whatever you do to show someone that you care about them after they're dead, a little sensor would pick up that a guy or gal was there and a little speaker would go "Hey, get the fuck off my roof you asshat.". 
Or maybe "Hey, HEEEY! Down here! would you kindly dig me up?"  
Or something else that would freak weak people out :D

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Am I the only one who wouldn't have a funeral? I would donate my body to science, no one wants to see my dead body (at least I don't like to see dead bodies, but maybe it's just me) and I'd rather have it go to a good cause than to just sit in the ground...

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@ZeForgotten: brilliant. Just have this strange Gary's mod like pose on XD 
@buzz_clik: that's beautiful, man 
 that's very nice of you! plus, good reasoning 
 The meaning of life is a mel brooks movie, right? regardless, i just saw blazing saddles... i digress. Anyway, amazing idea!
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Just reading about your funeral made me sad, and I don't even know you.

#18 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1656 posts) -
@LiquidPrince: mine?
#19 Posted by ColinRyan (295 posts) -
@nofx4208: I was refering to the monty python film but the idea's the same
#20 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1656 posts) -
@ColinRyan: damn, i'm sorry. I knew what film you were talking about and the exact scene.. just... got confused for a second :P
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#22 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1656 posts) -
@ZeForgotten: exactly!
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I want my ashes shot out of a cannon, Hunter S. Thompson style.

#24 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1656 posts) -
@AltonBrown: the bastard was a God, and you're on your way to being one too. Also, Alton Brown is awesome
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Not to be a jerk, but dude, nobody is going to sit through 100 of your selected songs at your funeral. Still, you've clearly put a lot of thought into this. Your funeral would surely be entertaining. Oh, and the pink casket would be a nice touch.

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@nofx4208: Yup.
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@TheGreatGuero: XD it's background music, if anything. I don't want to make everyone sit through all of it! but i don't want them to keep hearing the same songs over and over again during the dinner 
@LiquidPrince: hmm. in a "man this kid is pathetic!" way or just in general?
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Judging by your musical taste you are my new best friend.
I just want nachos at my funeral, easy enough.
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@nofx4208 said:
" @Video_Game_King: If you manage to pull through and make sure EVERYONE gets laid, you are truly a God amongst men, while still a king!@Th3_James: classy... or anti-classy.... regardless, very tasteful. Kudos "
It's a funeral; it's not that hard to get a piece of ass at a funeral. That's why, according to tradition, an even number of people must attend :P.
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@ParanoidFreak: excellent! *high five* nachos make everything better, amirite?
@Video_Game_King: unless you're into... that kind of thing, you might want to have two separate funerals; 1 for family, and 1 for friends (where the laidness happens)
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I am a goddamn phoenix.  My funeral is going to suck.

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Viking Funeral.

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I'm pretty fucking old, so I'm closer to death than you young pups. I don't want shit, take what you can from my deceased body and burn what's left. The ashes... whatever, I don't want a marker or anything.
I would like to get laid at the Video_Game_King's funeral though. Hitting some strange would be a welcome thing. Plus, it's a funeral, it's allowed... right?

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What, you don't want your family getting laid? Keep in mind that I'm royalty. Haven't exactly done anything with the family, but I do acknowledge that such a thing exists.
#35 Posted by JEC03 (898 posts) -

I want my Body to burn after all the  health problem it has given me and  continues to  then i want my Ashes  poured in a river and i hope there is a afterlife that is better then this hell hole, cheers.
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I'd be dead, so what do I care. The only thing I'd want is to be remembered, and not just become a number in some old book a hundred years after my death.

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I want small explosives placed under my skin that will blow off said skin.  I than want to be propped up in my coffin so I am fully erect have my skinless head turn to the people in attendance and have a recording of my voice where I say, "I"m not really dead".
#38 Posted by Atlantus_Air (187 posts) -

I wanna be burned Darth Vader style in front of everyone.

#39 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1656 posts) -
@FiestaUnicorn: i can help with this: this must be done EXPERTLY! 
@JEC03:  don't we all, man. 
 i admire your boldness, sir :D
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i would like to be buried perpendicular to the ground, facing Germany

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Mine will put the FUN in funeral. Without going into specifics it will involve a lot of women, a gigantic cake, alcohol, fireworks, and my doppelganger.

#42 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1656 posts) -
@foggel: question, are the women, alcohol, fireworks, and evil (or not) twin found IN THE GIGANTIC CAKE?!?!?!?!
#43 Posted by foggel (2763 posts) -
@nofx4208:  You are correct my friend. You are hereby invited.
My tombstone shall read your welcome.
#44 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1656 posts) -
@foggel: i'll bring my mix cd of benny hill and various benny hill remixes. i keep forgetting that this is a funeral, but the cake got me excited. and thanks for the invite and nod via tombstone message!
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I want to be cremated.
EDIT:put on fire that is,badass!

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Never given too much thought to the ceremony itself. Being surrounded by hundreds of beautiful mothers and ex-wives would be cool, so long as they weren't just there for their share of the will. Only thing I know I want is 'Better Things' by The Kinks as the song to play while I'm being shipped off for burning or whatever the euphemism is.

#47 Posted by angelkanarias (1440 posts) -

burn the hell out of me and throw my ashes on the sea. Fuck every ritual, don't want any of that.

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Wrap me in a sack and throw me in a ditch for all I care! Never seen sense in people spending huge amounts of money for something they'll never see. If I spent that amount of cash I'd want to be buried alive to make sure I got my money's worth! 
I always laugh when people say "I've found a nice spot under a tree, the shade will be lovely" Errm...you'll be in a wooden box 6 foot underground, how much shade do you need?! 
No-one is making money out of my death. My final words will be "Fuck the lot o' ya!" (Dies)

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Put my ashes in a rocket in a church and set the timer for like, ten minutes to shoot me off into space. 
At five minutes, "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" (Nickelback cover) will start playing and a city-wide action movie will pop out of no-where, where everyone starts fighting. 
People throwing each other through windows, fist-fights, gunfights, a few explosions here and there, car chases, buildings collapsing, ending with the rocket taking off into space with a huge explosion in the background.
That'd just be incredibly awesome.
Other than that, Cremate me and do whatever you want with the ashes. I doubt I'll care.