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What other stereotypically nerdy stuff are you guys into and to what extent do you participate in it?

Personally, I'm probably biggest into movies, I generally get around to about 50 movies each year from that year, I follow numerous blogs etc and the awards scene when that comes around.

Games is probably next, watch a lot of vids, I follow the American pro LoL circuit and play a fair bit, 20+ games a year, almost all genres, big into the indie games, I play on PC, PS3, 3DS and iPad (own a 360 but haven't played in several years).

Me and my friends started playing dnd a couple of months ago, which we play almost weekly and largely has replaced hobby board games which we still play, but not as often

I watch a number of tv shows, but on the whole, the best tv shows still pale in comparison to the best movies each year.

I read comics, sort of dropped off a little lately, used to read a lot of marvel, but now sort come in and out and read mostly image comics regularly (fatale, saga, manhattan projects etc) and try and find the better graphic novels each year.

Started watching more anime lately, will probably get through 3-4 series from 2013 by the end of the year.

I'm always reading something, I get through books fairly slowly and not much that's really new.

I love end of year lists/discussion, I feel confident in producing informed top 10s on Movies, Games, Comics, Music Albums and TV Shows and being able to intelligently discuss/defend them. I also have a handful of favourite board games (wish I could play more) and anime series, but I don't feel I experience enough to form a strong opinion.

How about you? How many topics could you come up with a top 10 for and feel confident in discussing each year?

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Besides video games and 日本語の勉強?

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@video_game_king: yes other than games, what other entertainment mediums do you consume and how much do you get into them? How does it compare to your video game habits?

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Other than video games and Giantbomb, it's heavy metal, Lotus cars, VW, and microbrews for me.

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PC Building/Overclock, Photography, Movies, Comics and Books.

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Games, movies, and books. That's about it.

I'm not into a lot of "nerdy" stuff, but the things I am into I'm very passionate about.

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Whatever catches my eye.

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I try not to indulge too much nerdy stuff besides my game collection. I do have a couple of comic and video game figurines on my office desk and a few movie posters hanging on my wall.

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Like most people I watch TV shows and movies, but there hasn't been much of anything in that area lately that has grabbed me and I have found myself rewatching old shows I remember liking but forget most of the plot points. Right now that's the Battlestar Galactica remake. Other then that I don't really have any hobbies or interests besides games. All the stuff I used to be into has no appeal to me anymore, and every time I try something new it never catches.

A few years back I got into reading again and read about 20-30 Star Wars expanded universe novels. Reading has since fallen to the way side and I have not read a novel in a year or two. I tried going outside my norms for novels and nothing held my interest. I will go on binges where I will read a bunch of comics, but I hate the monthly wait for so little story progression. So that only happens every few years when there is enough backlog built up that I can take a day or two and just read it all or if I can find a couple self contained stories or series.

I taught myself and a friend how to play D&D a few months back and am now DMing a weekly game for some folks on roll20.net. So I have been spending a lot of free time reading the Dungeon Master Manuals, reading the DM section of the DnD forums, and watching videos on youtube about how to DM and general do's and don'ts. All while trying to expand and write up some fiction for my world that I built from scratch for them to play in. That's about it.

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Movies, 3D modeling/particles/lighting, sound/music production, and studying (geeking out) high fashion tailoring or materials.