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Not sure where I found it originally (SA forums? NeoGAF?) but it's Scribblenautted version of Jack Bauer. Originally it was changed to get the quest achievement but funny enough after a shave and hair cut, I sorta look like this now (right down the messenger bag).
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Just because Solid Snake is awesome. And it's a nice drawing.

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@simian: That's actually a really cool avatar. I should get one of those. 
As for mine, it's just a picture of me. It's a picture that my best friend took when we went to Sausalito (where the Giant Bomb offices are located!). We had a good day, but I'm sad that I don't hear from her anymore :(
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I love this elephant drawing. Added the top hat to complete the quest.

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<<<<  Look to the left.
I like Mario and I thought this fanart picture looked awesome so I decided to use it.

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It's actually a bottlecap mine.

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A Devil's Horns picture i took in my room using my then-new webcam... I think it looks alot more epic-er than a random snapshot in a bedroom which is why i fancy it. 
You can see the iron window fence thingie through the blue curtains in a certain spot 
EDIT: if you're asking about the PROFILE picture, its a screenshot from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. 

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because i enjoy dudley and the cut of his jib

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Sarcasm is hard to understand. By using the international symbol for written sarcasm I seek to make the world a better place.

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I found this thing on the google. Just cause o the quest. I really need to get myself a personal one.

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Because I like him.

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...it's a burned out Phoenix in the memory of End_Boss.  :(

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Choose this as my  new profile picture for the quest. No reason I choose that one, other than I think it looks awesome.

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Just like that, dont really know why!
Maybe cuz it's related to games?.. I dunno.

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Beware my power.

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It's a section of one of my latest comics.

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It's the Cheshire Cat from American McGee's alice. It's been my avatar since I first had internet at home (not that long ago, maybe 2005). 
Edit: oh, and I saw one other guy with the exact same avatar :) Forgot his username, starts with a C, I believe.

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Mine is a really long story. It goes like this- It's my character from Dragon Age.

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Was playing Professor Layton when I first came to the site and decided to make an avatar out of it.
Changed it to the Layton 2 art when that came out but otherwise kept it same just for recognition's sake. :)

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It's the logo of a video game exhibition that came to Melbourne in 2008. One of the best days of my life.

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I don't know, guess i like the cultural mash-up...

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A close friend of mine who's boobs I am quite fond of let me use them as my picture. I took that picture two years ago on Canada day of course.

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I like robots

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Because my avatar is awesome! :D

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I am really excited about the World Cup and Australia's chances.

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Because you gotta pay $5 to see the dancing freak.

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Pretty self-explanatory.

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Because Broken sword and George Stobbart are awesome. Also his facial expression is my most used when viewing these forums.

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my friend got me this bunny whose eyes light up in red when you press a button on the top of its head. best birthday present ever. 
also, superior to blue eyes white dragon

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I feel that mine represents video games for a lot of people. and retro is hip... 

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I don't have or make alot of pictures of myself, and this one fits with my lifestyle and passion for the martial art.

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adventure is a good game, and i didnt really feel like making one for the stupid quest

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I really  have no idea. It's a light form of trolling I guess.
It's an art you know...

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It's the dragon I own.Quite a dragon I must say,he is still kicking after 1.000 years of living in this world

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@FirePrince: what is your dragon's name?
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Because Mario is awesome. I'm also told sometimes that I look a bit like him. In my pictures I have me dressed up as him :D I own the costume, quite proud of that lol :)

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Yeah,about that,I never figured out a name.He just won't tell me what is is....... 
What should I name him?

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lol agreed
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You mean avatar, not profile picture. 
My avatar was originally Viewtiful Joe throwing a peace sign.  I said "fuck peace" and cut one of his fingers off.  It's an irony of who I really am:  I'm the asshole that will flip you the bird for any reason, but I'm also this lovable dood that kicks ass in his own little special way. 
Plus, it just looks cool.  It's Joe flipping you off!

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@FirePrince: i think Jimmy is a pretty good dragon name.
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I once imaged searched for the Joker, and put it as my MSN picture for a while when I was doing my Drama solo, which was inspired by the Joker. I just decided I liked it, plus the Joker is cool, so I kept it.

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A picture of Russian nesting dolls that I took myself. Features former Russian/Soviet leaders. I like it.

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Zoom on the helmet of a Space Wolf Terminator from Warhammer 40k.

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It's Tanaka.

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Random picture i found on the internet, looked badass and thats good enough for me, changed it for the quest and decided to keep it. Will prolly change it one day.

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Because I made it on a site faceinhole. Vinny and Ryan as the Blues Brothers....

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Why are people describing their icons/avatars instead of their profile pics? My profile pic is of Lightning because she's rad.

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Because I'm a nerd ^_^

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I'm a Replicant

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@FirePrince said:

It's the dragon I own.Quite a dragon I must say,he is still kicking after 1.000 years of living in this world

You know i can, teach you, how to train your dragon