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You have been told by a mysterious stranger that you have ten minutes to live. You are immediately teleported to an empty house that contains not only the 5 people you hate most in the world, but the love of your life as well. There is also a Taurus PT145 handgun tucked into the back of your belt. The clock is ticking. What do you do?

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Confess my love, maybe get a little kiss, and wait for death. Unless I know I can escape. The question is pointless to an immortal like me however XD

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Kill the guys, rape the girls, then off myself.

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Get to the fucking.

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This question is illogical, you state that the house is empty yet it contains seven people, including yourself.

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Mercator said:
"Get to the fucking."
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Get out of the house and look for alcohol.

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Between kissing the love of my life and shooting the Jonas Brothers in the face...I think I choose the second.

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Black_Rose said:
"Between kissing the love of my life and shooting the Jonas Brothers in the face...I think I choose the second. "
XD Poor guys, what have they done to you XD
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Give the gun to my loved one and hope she's a good shot.

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This makes absolutely no sense...I would shoot myself and wake up because it's obviously nothing but a drug-induced dream.

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Turn into a jet.
Bomb the russians.
Fly Into the sun.
Now I'm dead.

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Make those last 10 minutes the best of my love's life. I think I'd have to pass on sex, though. Dying in the middle of sex would probably traumatize the poor girl for life. So nothing too sexual... just gotta keep it as sweet and romantic and loving as possible.

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Shoot the- no, kiss the- no, find a- HUUGHHUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-

Brain aneurysm.

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Eat the gun and shit a wormhole.

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I beat the living shit out of Quinn for the first 5 minutes.  Damn I hate that guy.  Then I cap his ass and kill Warren because I just know he's the one behind the whole damn thing.

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I'll recant on my deathbed.

-- Always have a backup plan.

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Not much useful you can do in 10 minutes so I wouldn't do anything other than tell the love of my life that I was going to die.

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Shoot all the females in the head and commence skull fucking them.

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Get laid.

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I'd do a barrel roll.

I'm sorry, i couldn't resist.

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Make a sammich

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I'd know it was time to stop doing drugs.

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DeadMonkeys said:
"Turn into a jet.Bomb the russians.Fly Into the sun.Now I'm dead."
Are you the boss by anychance?

I'd have sex with every single person in that room, at the same time. Sounds crazy, but I reckon I could give it a good shot.
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I would be so terrified that would probably start crying.

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I'd shoot the clock.The ticking! Oh god, the ticking! Then I'd say 'sorry about shooting the clock, it wasn't anyones was it?'. Then I'd put the gun in my mouth and kneel down. Suddenly a voice I recognise tells me not to shoot myself. I turn around and it's my father, plus some old dude in a wheel chair! Anyway some nut wants to record my last few moments, so I let them. Hmm. Anyway...

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I'll take the lover.

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Wait for the mysterious stranger to come back, kill him and ride with my love into the sunset...

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zudthespud said:
"I'd do a barrel roll.I'm sorry, i couldn't resist."
This is what everyone must do.
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DeadMonkeys said:
"Turn into a jet.Bomb the russians.Fly Into the sun.Now I'm dead."
Like a baws!