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Today being Opening Day I figured I might check out the Out of the Park Baseball franchise. I watched some videos and it seems to have a daunting bar of entry. Has anyone played the games, or maybe have some tips?

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Scroll down this page for the demo: http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/out-of-the-park-baseball/downloads.php

Also, OOTP has forums with long-time players who will be happy to answer your questions.


Hope that helps.

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I’ve played the 2008 and 2013 versions of the game, but my brother is the one who is one of the super hardcore fans of this game so a lot of this input is from him. Out of the Park has a rather hardcore image and fanbase and the game can be very elaborate. However the game can be customized to make it a little easier. Dealing with the economics of the game can be a little daunting and difficult, but again you can create your own league and make changes to the game economics that will make it a little less difficult. The micro managing of the team can be pretty intense as well, but that's also something that can be made easier just by checking in with your scouts and having your manager make adjustments. The macro stuff can be adjusted as well to make it simple. You can have 5 levels of minors, a winter league, international leagues and other professional leagues that players can swap between or simple just have your 1 pro league.

If you’re a baseball fan and interested in the off the field aspects of the game I think it is something you could get into. The game has everything, I mean everything. The Rule 5 draft, salary arbitration, waiver wire, team trainers and so on. The best is seeing that a player on your team went to a high school near you (it has real high schools for everyone) or seeing a player get one of those famous stupid baseball injuries (my favorites have been a guy feel off a stage at an awards event, someone was attacked by a shark and another guy was beat up by his girlfriend). Like mentioned above if you check the website I think you can download a one week demo of the game. That’s helpful to get a feel for it, but to be honest it will take a little more time to get a feel for it. Also the community really is amazing for that game. Clearly if you love the game and are invested enough to be active in the community you'll probably be helpful, and they certainly are. Request for personalized uniform symbols can be answered in a day.

Personally I really like game. It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but the game is engrossing and if you know baseball I think you can catch on to it after putting in a little time. This may be too hard to find now, but the game use to be called Season Ticket Baseball and was sold through box copies in stores. I started with Season Ticket 2003, those games are much less intimidating, but still really fun.

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It's weird that they have the 2008 version on steam, but the 2013 is on steam greenlight and they're about to release 14.

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I've bought several versions of the game, including OOTP 13. I would suggest going to their official forums for any questions you have.

But if you're new to the series, I would suggest keeping things simple like playing a small fictional league with no minor league system and no financials. Once you get the hang of the game, you can jump into a more complex setup and the game can get very complex, especially when dealing with minor league affiliates. It's one of those games that can suck you in, especially if you're a stat junkie or a control freak.