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Poll: Would you enjoy seeing Vinny do a run-through of this game (à la Bioforge)? (88 votes)

YES 56%
NO 17%

In a perfect world Patrick would be able to participate too. I'm finally getting close to the end of this game and think that the reactions to the plot twists as well as just the interactions with Elena would be entertaining. Also, the dungeons are short enough that we could potentially see a boss fight each episode, and the boss fights in this game are reasonably varied / interesting IMO.

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Yes, but entirely because it would be Vinny. The actual game factors in to roughly 0% of my decision.

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I would enjoy Vinny playing through anything.

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I really enjoyed my time with it, so I wouldn't mind seeing him playing it.

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All this does is remind me that I finally need to continue my year old save once my schedule clears up! :D

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You mean like an Endurance run?

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Urgh, japanese games ...

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so this game ain't half bad? the premise/ setting reminds me of a team ico game.

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You know, I'm just so happy that someone bothered to acknowledge this game since its US release that I don't even mind that it's yet another "make this an Endurance Run!" thread. I'll take what I can get.

Also, no, as much as I like the game. The next Vinny ER/Random PC Game, if such a thing comes to pass, will be Spycraft or that Flash Traffic game he just bought from eBay. FMV is definitely preferable. (Still holding out hope for a Die by the Sword appearance, though. If you guys thought BioForge's combat was unwieldy...)

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@mento: Chances are you already know this but before the first Bioforge livestream Vinny and Danny played like half an hour of Die By The Sword and pretty much got nowhere.

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@euandewar: Huh, really? I take it they didn't record any of it?

I beat the game as a nipper, it's not particularly difficult. Just really effin' dumb. I guess if they played it for thirty minutes and didn't find much to work with humor-wise, I could see why they'd abandon it in favor of something as incident-filled as BioForge.

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To be honest with you, I wouldn't mind watching Vinny play any game.

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Vinny's take on Pandora's Tower would be entertaining, I'm sure. Also, this thread reminds me that I really need to start on the game myself. I've had my copy sitting on the coffee table since I bought it at launch.

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More Vinny, Less Problems

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I'm up for Vinny doing a play through of any game. I'd take Madden even, really.

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Like many people have said, I'd be up for Vinny doing a run through of anything. Pandora's Tower? Sure. I'm sure he'd kill it.

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When you think about it, this game is PERFECT for a video playthrough. You need to return to your home base often in order to take care of someone, which provides good opportunity for video breaks. And some of the things you see in the game are disgusting. It's one of those very few games which makes you feel disturbed for watching what is going on.

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@damodar said:

Yes, but entirely because it would be Vinny. The actual game factors in to roughly 0% of my decision.

I voted no, but damodar is basically right. I would probably watch Vinny play just about any game, unless it were so bad he wasn't able to enjoy it whatsoever (and Vinny seems to have a pretty rock solid ability for seeing the good in games).