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I hope he can do something interesting to expand on the concept. I loved the beta, but if that game just adds more levels in the current style, it's going to get really repetetive before long

It could perhaps take some inspiration from Cart Life and go down the "life simulation" route. Seeing more aspects of your characters life, life in Arstotzka in general, and how that changes with the immigration could be really interesting and would add more varied gameplay.

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I'm definitely excited! It looks like there'll even be an endless mode, too, so I'll probably be able to sink quite a few hours into it.

I haven't had this much hype for a game with an endless mode since Recettear!

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The system really works!

Though out of the few games I have supported, this is the only one that has actually been greenlit thus far. Which is still a bummer for the system as a whole.

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That's great! The beta was excellent. There were some lose threads, like those tokens - were they actually implemented and I simply failed to figure out how to use them or was that just the beta-aspect, by the way?

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I voted for it as soon as I finished the beta. Hope that we won't have to wait too long until it's released. I will buy it on day one for sure.

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I finally relented and played for the first time yesterday and man if he can make the game much longer than just the six days and have more scenarios/interesting characters that'll be great. I can't wait for the final release!

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I'll be definitely getting it at some point. I actually haven't played it yet even though it's free. I really liked what I saw though when GB played it.

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man my kids are going to die again :/

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https://twitter.com/CM_Games/status/430472940958674945 you might wanna check this out :P