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PAX AUS 2014 has officially been announced! There are a few changes though.

First of all, the date will be swapped from July 19 - 21 to October 31 - November 2.

The venue has also been changed from the Melbourne Showgrounds to the Melbourne convention and exhibition centre.

What do you think about the changes? Personally it doesn't matter because I'd go either way, and I'm super excited about PAX 2014! Hopefully the tickets will be on sale soon.

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It will want to be much better planned out for me to shell out for the trip again.

The wife and I had a blast in Melbourne, but we barely attended PAX itself because the floor was underwhelming barring the few Indies there, and the line up times for the panels were fucking ludicrous.

If they address all that, I'll book the flights

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I'm glad to see it growing, I had a good time at last year this year, but I spent more time at the tabletop stuff than the show floor which maybe the poster above me isn't into. That said I don't think I'll go, the change of date makes it fall during my final exam block for my degree. Lucky for people that live in Melbourne, much less of a commitment.

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Exhibition Centre > Showgrounds. Easier to get to, better conditions, more stuff around.

As for the date, hmm. It makes a bit trickier for uni students. And I'm not sure how that date coincides with primary/high school kids as well.

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It was a great excuse to visit Melbourne again for the first PAX but I'm not sure if I'll have the money for a second trip next year...

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I was hoping it would coming north ... sadness

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Well... that weather may be on the warm side. Will probably go next year, couldn't coral anyone to tag along this year.

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The venue this time is nearly 3 times as big. So hopefully that will mean less queuing , more panels, booths and generally more things to do. Hopefully I'll get around to meeting some fellow duders next time round (I only went on a Saturday last time).

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@zero_ said:

Exhibition Centre > Showgrounds.

Yep. Showgrounds was one of the reasons I didn't go.

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Wow, the new venue is literally right next to my place. It's a much nicer venue than Showgrounds for sure. Definitely going all 3 days this time around to make up for not going last time (got sick). Hopefully it won't be too warm by then.

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Defiantly will try and make it down next year. Didn't even know about this year until it was sold out

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Much better venue, and it seems like a better time of year too. Good positive moves.

Issue is if I was only into video games, I would consider 2013 a disappointing, there were few games on the floor that weren't indies or FTP crap. I spent maybe two hours on the video game floor All weekend.

The only thing that made it super awesome were the tabletop games I got into, and even that room was a little lacking in rpg's and merch that wasn't magic.

The primary issue in going is that the tickets will sell out before anything is announced, on the pax site they said there would be more emphasis on international content ( which I read as not indies) but I don't actually know what will be there, I'm trusting the pax brand can deliver a fun time. This year was fun but like it was on me to make it, there wasn't a critical mass of things to see or do, if I didn't essentially invite myself to play board games with randoms it would have been a boring con.

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I might just try and make one in the USA instead of dealing with a watered down Aus version. If it wasn't across the other side of the country i would think about it.

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I'd plan on going to pax prime if the tickets didn't sell out in 6 minutes

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I wont make the same mistake of not getting tickets this time. Jeff and the gang coming this time?

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Really looking forward to it. Should be awesome at the Melbourne convention and exhibition centre. Really large space. Only downside is that its not a great time of the year... University exams are generally at that time or just after. And the spring carnival is also on in Melbourne at that time. I wonder if anyone who lives in melbourne was a part of the decision to have the event this time of year. But either way can't wait and definitely getting another 3 day pass.

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Ill be going with a group of friends from New Zealand

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@randiolo: I think it was implied in a tweet that Jeff made but I'm not too sure.

Also for all those wondering, I'm pretty sure they changed the date due to the Comic Con clash so that more international guests/press could come along.