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PAX East 2013 was my first experience with PAX, or any gaming convention for that matter. Upon arriving at the convention, I immediately noticed a trend: bad hats. I don't mean novelty foam cowboy hats, cosplay helmets, or those weird animal beanie things, even though those were all quite ubiquitous at PAX.

I'm just talking about bad hats.

Let me clarify, these hats aren't intrinsically bad. They are just unbefitting of a goateed 20-something wearing sneakers and a hooded sweatshirt.

In all honesty, I mean no ill will towards the wearers of such hats, or anyone in these photos. I just find it fascinating that these hat-wearers seem to come out of the woodwork for such an event. I had not realized that the gaming community had such an overlap with the bad hat loving community. It was a fun little challenge to seek out non-baseball-hat-wearers and snap their photos over the weekend.

Anyway, I took some photos. Feel free to share yours... for the love of bad hats!

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Now I wanna go back to PAX East next year and rock a fedora.