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I know aftermarket/water cooling is the best solution... but does anyone own one of these CPU's thats using just the stock cooler right now? for someone whose on a tight budget, an aftermarket cooler would have to be bought later on down the road so wondering what peoples temps are like with just the stock cooler? Will you get a much more stable temp by disabling all the bios features like AMD Turbo / k8 cool n quiet / C1E ect... to stop the cpu spiking voltages... Any info would be apreciated but I do know that aftermarket cooling is needed, I'm just looking at what I'm dealing with for now until I can get a closed loop water cooler... read multiple places saying that the FX threshold temps are 55-60c, that seems REALLY low, is there any truth to this? I've had other AMD CPUS like the Phenom IIs run near 75-80c for years without issue in the past...Considering these CPUs are supposed to such an Overclockers dream, that temp would seem almost impossible to get a decent OC if you weren't using water-cooling of some kind........ Thanks again for any replys.......

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I mean if your dropping 160-180, might as well drop 30 for a CM 212? That's what i did, but I still don't feel comfortable overclocking it (The socket temps go up extremely high when i try). I honestly don't know how the stock one would do , with the 212+ i idle socket at 39, and get up to 59 -60 in prime95. Core never gets over 55 this is all on stock settings. The stock cooler is pretty small but the fan hits a high rpm. Honestly i never overclocked before and don't really understand fully what temps to look at, i think i got 75c socket and 62c core at like 4.4ghz and decided to just not do it (that's with the after market air cooler)

You might be able to get the underclocked version and get an after market and just clock it out to 4.0 or 4.2, it shouldn't be a problem and the price would end up about the same and you could still get a better cooler later on.

Also you could possibly under volt it and still hit the stock 4.0 speeds and disable turbo and be fine with the stock cooler, but i doubt they would ship one that wouldn't keep it stable at stock settings so it shouldn't really be a problem.

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thanks for the reply guys.... Not too bad temps from both ya though at stock, 60c I would consider normal and what to expect... If i was to get an FX 8350 I would have to buy another cooler later on which i planed to add closed loop water cooler or something, was just really curious hows peoples temps held up on stock untill i would be able to change it....

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Use stock if you don't plan on overclocking, unless you feel the fan noise is too loud. With adequate airflow (dont cover your intakes with fabric or anything) and a reasonable ambient room temperature, your CPU shouldn't go close to dangerous temps. At $30, The CM 212 is a great option for light overclocking and noise reduction.

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I've never been interested in OCing, and have rarely used anything beyond the stock cooler. I'm using an FX 6300 right now with the stock cooler with no issues. But again, no OC.

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yeah I was thinking about that CM212, for that price it has extremely good reviews as well.... thanks for the reply peeps

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I just built a computer with am AMD FX 8350 and the stock cooler works great. Basically as long as you have your case full up on fans and your not going to try overclocking then stock coolers are just fine. If you want to over clock then you will need something fancier than the stock heatsink/cooler. Fan noise is minimal.

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I'm using an AMD procc (though older one that that and it was getting pretty hot with the stock cooling, ended up picking up the Cooler Master Hyper N520 which has been working out pretty well for me.

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The stock is not good enough if you plan to use your computer for more than browsing the net and checking emails, if you have an FX-8350 then I assume you do intend to use it for more than basic usage.

The stock cooler sounds like a 747, as it runs at 5000 RPM when the processor is under load, and for all that effort the fan is making its not cooling the processor much as the fan is only small.

I just upgraded my cooler to this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121163022502?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

Really good cooler, there are two massive fans on either side of the heatsink and you do not need to change the backplate because this cooler uses AMD stock backplate for installation.