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Pretty recently I picked up the ASUS VG278HE but I'm having some problems with getting the colours right. I'm just using it for gaming/movies so picture editing doesn't concern me.

I'm having some trouble because standard mode looks washed out, and scenery mode looks really good in some games (Disney Infinity) the blacks aren't distinguishable, making dark scenes look way too dark.

Does anyone have this monitor, or just general monitor experience, and help me get the best picture out of this thing? It's kind of bugging me, even though I don't know that much about colour accuracy, I just want it to look consistently good and accurate.

And yes, I have used Google but it hasn't helped that much.


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i just googled the monitor name + calibration, found a review by tft central where they test the monitor and do some calibration to get it to display a more accurate picture
( not sure if "accurate" fixes what you are experiencing though )

have a look here under Calibration Results

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TFT Central are a great resource and the suggested settings they provide are a great start. I have three of these displays for a surround setup and they certainly don't look fantastic out-of-the-box. That been said, with the TFT Central settings it'll pop an image about as good as you can get out of a TN panel, they're a very high quality screen. If you're having trouble reading the document, what you need to do is set the brightness right down to 30-35 (If not using 3D/Lightboosting, if you are using you'll want to keep this high), Contrast at 70, Red channel at 100, Green at 94 and Blue at 74 all based off the standard preset.

The main reason the standard image is so off is that they're calibrated for 3D gaming, which really mucks around with the image. They (and other 3D monitors) have very bright backlights which stuff up a lot of things.

If you have any other questions about this monitor fire away, I've had mine for about a year now and absolutely love them.

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It IS a TN panel, so colour accuracy/vibrance isn't really going to be it's forte. That being said I would disable features like Dynamic contrast in order to even out the picture.