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Okay I have a base computer and I'm upgrading a few parts, what I want to know is will this run the latest games (BF 4 and AC black flag mainly oh and far cry 3) on full with no problems?

M5A99X EVO mobo

AMD 8150 Bulldozer processor

8gb of DDR3 2133 ram

And the video card is a MSI GTX 660ti OC 2gb

Any input would be appreciated :)



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Try out Can You RUN it and see what they say. They aren't perfect, but they will give you a sense of what you can run. Compared to my own PC (gtx570 overclocked, 8GB ram, i5-2500k 3.60 GHz) I think you're rig is a bit stronger.

I can run Far Cry 3 and AC4: Black Flag on almost all max. They both look gorgeous on my PC, so I wouldn't worry on your part. I don't know anything about BF 4, so I suggest you check out the link I posted and google some. Tip for AC4 and FC3 though, use Nvidias adaptive v-sync through their Control Panel, NOT the in-game option. You might get better results with regular v-sync combined with triple buffer for FC3, so do some testing with Fraps.

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the only thing I'd touch is the gpu, everything else is good to go. not worth going to the 8350, have to wait for steamroller which is likely a new socket/apu only. It'd be a gpu or go Intel.

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On 1st glance, nothing to shabby there, close enough to my existing rig. should have no problems running those games. Thought it was funny you said were upgrading an existing machine by buying all new components!

Reminded me of this:


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I have almost the same rig (Intel Ivy Bridge i5 instead of AMD) and the exact same GPU.

You can run most things on high settings at the least. Sometimes I shoot my output to a 40 inch Toshiba television and drop my resolution to 900 or 720p and get the graphics settings a little higher - I can't really tell too much of a difference when I'm sitting on my couch. In that case, you can max most everything that is current gen. Also, you can run FXAA from the card itself, along with adaptive Vsync, and turn those settings off in game - you get a good boost on most titles. FXAA can be great on some games and terrible on others, though. That being said, I've gotten pretty used to those resolutions on my monitor as well. Once I get into a game, I don't really notice the resolution difference.

I would also urge you to sick with the 660ti. It's not the best thing and it's a generation old, but I think that GPU manufacturers are going to start upping their onboard RAM to compete with the consoles after their next product refresh that is supposedly happening in the coming spring. Hold steady and wait for a card with four or more gigabytes of memory at a competitive price.

I'm still pissed at Nvidia for telling me the 660ti was the best thing since sliced bread, and then releasing the 760 less than a year later at a lower cost. Dicks.

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At this point I should just call it a new computer right? Hah if I can max these games out with good frames I'll be happy, should be okay for the next year or so I imagine.

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If it were me, I'd go with this for graphics.


It's amd, so take that for what you will, but the performance will be a little better in general, and it supports mantle, which is AMD's new api that is supposed to give better performance in games that support it, and BF4 is going to be one of the games that supports it.

Also, you can get an 8320 for 149 from microcenter, or an 8350 for 179. The one you had was 159 on newegg, and if I'm understanding AMD processors correctly, the 8320 would be better for less money, and the 8350 for 20 more might be worth considering, but I don't know what kind of performance difference is there really.

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Looks like a solid PC to me, but don't expect ultra/1080p/60fps on everything with it. For that I'd say you probably need to bump up your GPU.

Frankly, you probably wouldn't notice the difference though. I wouldn't.

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Those specs are fine. The only upgrade worth while would be a GPU, but that would depend on your budget.

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pound on your keyboard

there's some input

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@detectivespecial: I agree with what you say, also. The op's rig seems solid, and maybe even desired till the new Nvidia video cards come out. Though I do not have your or others complete grasp, the orientation to increased gigs of ram and maybe(?) something about 4k tv or monitors, an interest on my part. I'm down to one overclocked 570 now, so all this interests me.

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@jackcc: I would go with the 8350 instead if the 8150, its just an all around better chip. Everything else looks fine.

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If you want maxed out graphics at 1080p and 60FPS you'll need a better video card. If you can afford it, I hear the 770 is a hell of a card for the price. If you don't mind noise you could also look at the Radeon 290. If you're set on that price range then maybe look at the Radeon 270x as well.

Anandtech has a nice guide for this here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7557/best-desktop-video-cards-holiday-2013

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@jackcc: honestly that is about what I am running but with more video card than I got. I am running 1080p far cry 3. Not sure of my frame rate cause it looks great. High settings all across the board. Looks great.

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@jackcc said:

Okay I have a base computer and I'm upgrading a few parts, what I want to know is will this run the latest games (BF 4 and AC black flag mainly oh and far cry 3) on full with no problems?

What do you mean "on full"? Like, on 1024x768? 1080p? 4k? 800x600?

Also, how often do you intend to cycle your rig? That setup your got there isn't future proof enough IMO.

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Well my resolution is 1440x900 so the maxed on that res is what I want, have I any hope of finding one under 170?! :(

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Either the Radeon R9 270X or the NVIDIA GTX 760 (which is basically a re-branded GTX 670). I'd say wait a while until the next GPU's arrive. GTX 660ti is fine for now. If you wanted to get max settings at 1440p you would need to spend a good $300+.

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I wouldn't do much to it. Maybe the GPU but I would wait until you just get a new build all together.

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The 660 ti is a completely respectable GPU but you're probably not gonna be able to run those games on full with no issues

The 770 and 780 are super super impressive, if you're interested in those.

edit: oh I seen your budget is $170.. hmm... Just stick with the 660 ti, still runs things great.

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I guarantee you won't be able to run BF4 on full settings with that card. Nothing against the card you have as it is very respectable. But the rest of your hardware is perfectly fine. I'd say take a look at an AMD card and save up. Then you get the fun of going back over the games and re-experiencing them with higher settings. I did that with a LOT of games that came out between 2007 and 2009, and it was a great time.

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I think the 270x is all you'll need for that resolution.

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only thing I would suggest is drop the 660 ti, go with a 760 instead, as its more powerful and dont know if it still is, but it was also cheaper than the 660 ti as well....

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Good build, if you could spare the cash I would go for an i5, Intel is far superior than AMD in overall performance.