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So I recently had some trouble with my computer randomly shutting down when playing taxing games which I eventually found out was because my CPU was holding 80 degrees whilst being idle.

So I grabbed my trusty compressed air bottle and got all the dust off the CPU fan but that barely helped so I figured maybe I had to reapply the cooling paste as it had been a while since I applied it. So I start dismantling the CPU fan to reapply the cooling paste but then I see one of the two screws that connects the fan and the motherboard together is fucked and I can't screw it together so now I am basically screwed (heh).

Is there any Mcguyver esque fix for this or do I have to wait till my new fan arrives before I can use my computer again?

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You mean like the thread of where it screws into is fucked?

Got pictures?

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yeah pictures would be good, but all in all, it might just be easier and better cooling wise, to just buy a different 30$ heatsink n fan.... the coolermaster EVO I would reccomend but a picture like Rowr would be nice to see exactly whats going on with the screws.

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Man I completely forgot about this thread, I pretty much gave up after trying to use strips to sort of hold it together.

The computer would start but it would pretty much instantly go into 100 degree territory.

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You need a new cooler and I would also check the case fans to see if they are clean and working properly. Also, how hot is the room the pc is in?

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If you can't use two other screws in the meantime, avoid turning on the computer is my advice. Running a CPU without any cooling is a fool's errand.

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Alright picture time, that is the first picture of the fan.

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And this is one of where it is supposed to go.

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Is the thread munched on the riser? If that will still potentially screw back into the bracket then you can try separating it from the screw by griping it with a pair of needle nose pliers then turning the screw normally.

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I highly recommend getting a new motherboard. Installing one isn't hard, just make damn sure you are buying 100% compatible parts for your cpu and ram, the only thing you'll have to do is re-authenticate your OS key. It should save you the hassle of ghetto rigging your machine.

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Nah, that's an easy fix. Looks like the riser threads are done. Hold the CPU cooler screw tight with a screwdriver and pry off the riser. In the worst case scenario, the threads on the brackets are gone and you have to get a new one. But you always get brackets with a new CPU cooler.

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@songwriter1987: Yeah I already ordered the parts, was just wondering if there was some temporary fix that would allow me to use my computer so I wouldn't have to use this ancient laptop that just barely surf the internet at this point.

Though there doesn't seem to be one.

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yeah dont think so, if you cant screw it in properly then you cooler just isn't sitting on the CPU properly enough to give it any sort of cooling which is whats happening...be interested to know how you get on with the new parts... sorry I couldn't have been any more helpful myself when it comes to mechanical stuff there really is only so much you can do really and sounds like you tried everything

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Get a new cooler. I would suggest the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. It works for almost any processor made these days and only costs about $30 online.

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the hyper 212+ is cheaper and has the exact exact same performance, its just the older model so its been off the factory lot for a good amount of time

the evo is just for suckers, its the exact same shit but with a more stupid cheap fan and its fresh off the factory lot................ you arent a sucker, are you?

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Alright I got my new parts, and I think I went a bit overboard but oh well it works now.

Got a new fan as well and gave my old computer to my 11 year old brother, he was pretty stoked about it.

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Sounds like your CPU fan was having trouble anyway, couldn't hurt to get a new one.

How are your temperatures now? Just curious.

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yeah curious as well

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@slaegar: Sorry for the late reply, now it's at 30 degrees idle, but that is my completely new CPU.

My old one which I bought a new CPU fan for is at 40ish idle, so it's all good.

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glad u got that sorted out

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so you solved your problem?