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So i always wanted to get into pc gaming but never had the cash for it, but my friend is offering me this computer for 300 dollars that can game but is not top of the line either, just a very budget pc. dont want to get screwed over so i would like to know if these specs are good or are a scam for 350.

Geforce 6150SE  nForce 480

AMD sempron prosesor le-1300

2Gb ram 

Windows 7 32 bit 

1tb hdd.

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Complete scam... I would argue that you can't even play games with those specs. Everything you listed is so incredibly old. And the 32 bit version of windows 7 is bad too.

That GPU is ten years old. And that CPU is horrible as well. You can build a respectable gaming pc for around 500 dollars. Save up some more money and get a better rig.

If I were you, I wouldn't take that computer if he was trying to give it away for free.

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Nope. A phone would give you better performance.

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I started following tech news and learning about PC's in 2006. I dont even recognize the stuff you listed. I think you can buy a Chromebook more powerful than that.

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Look at dis high end grafix


Don't fall for it, sure it can push SOME polygons which is more then some onboard graphics cards can do but really... anything you can possibly buy on the market is better than that machine. The fact this PC has only a single core processor kills it's right off the bat.

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@brendan said:

I started following tech news and learning about PC's in 2006. I dont even recognize the stuff you listed. I think you can buy a Chromebook more powerful than that.

Hey dude, Chromebooks are amazing at what they do. Shame all they do is web browse.

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And the gallery has spoken. And they are correct. You can get a cheap premade at a bad Electronics store that would perform better than that.

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For reference, the "GeForce 6150 nForce 480" was new when DirectX 9.0 was the new hotness.

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That's pretty funny that someone would have ever bought windows 7 32 bit.

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that processor is poor and that video card probably is before 2005.

To be honest you could make a decent PC with 300 bucks, battlefield 4 would run at 15 fps, but you could play all the indie games well. A $500 laptop could get you to run majority of the games out there.

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To be fair your friend probably isn't trying to scam you, he's just overestimating the worth of his stuff.

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I built a pc for about 700$ with an amd fx8350 and a radeon 7950 that has just decimated every single game I've thrown at it, given all the opportunities there are to find sales around the web at any given time on high-end pc parts, that machine could not be more of a rip off.

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Not much of a friend if that is the price he would charge you.

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Wow, thank goodness for the internet, a non tech person like me could have been screwed without a forum, thanks for all the responses all , i guess i will pass on pc gaming then, thanks again.

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Don't give up on pc gaming. If you want a pc for that price, you can totally do it. It won't be the greatest thing in the world, but it will for sure be good enough to play basically anything, albeit at lower settings for newer big titles. However, doing it yourself, if you like gaming on the PC, you can always upgrade your video card later and be good to go again.


check that out. Much much much better performance, and you have the ability to throw a midrange GPU in there as is later to increase your performance if you decide you like it.

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@tribeard: Well if i can get a way better pc for that price then great, but i really like know nothing about pc outside of typing and using the mouse, so building just sounds like to much for me, i really like have zero tech skills...,

Do they sell pre build gaming pc or gaming laptops by any chance?

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Did you ever play with legos? It's basically the same thing. there are a ton of guides and such on the internet, not to mention forums like this where people will be more than happy to help you.

Most everything is notched or keyed, so it only goes in one way, and it's pretty much plug and play.

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That's kind of absolute garbage.

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You could buy a budget PC for around $200 that would be better than what you listed in every way. Still no top of the line stuff, but which would probably let you play most of the new releases at reasonable framerates on low settings if you scale the resolution down a bit, the integrated AMD Radeon GPU's are pretty alright, I used one in my main PC for about 2 years (an Radeon HD 4200, which did quite well up until Battlefield 3 was released), and I'm sure the same is true for the integrated Nvidia GPU's as well, I would stay away from Intel graphics though - even though neither of the integrated options are fantastic for gaming, the AMD and Nvidia ones usually support all the DirectX and OpenGL features, though not have all the power necessary to do them well, the Intel GPU's seem to have very limited support, and often won't load games at all.

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@tribeard: well, maybe i could do it if is like legos style plug n play, have to think about it though... @fisk0: this sounds good too, it doesnt matter to me if the game doesnt run at high, would like something that can play titanfall since all i have is a ps3 and titanfall is not coming out for it...

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Yeah, that's a lot better, but it's also twice the price. If you can build your own, and really, pretty much everyone can, you'll get a lot more bang for your buck, and be able to hit prices you can't with a lot of decent prebuilt stuff.

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Dang, 700 is alot for me. I will have to save up, how long can that computer last me until i need to upgrade?

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I bet it would run minesweeper like a boss

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@gfl8961: It would last you at least a couple years before you really noticed it slowing down too much. However, for any price, if you can build it yourself, you can get a much better system. You can tailor it to do exactly what you want, look exactly how you want it to look, and know exactly what is inside of it.

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That processor is garbage. Scam seems a bit much, though. I mean it does seem like its worth $350 but you may not be able to play many games on it. If that's what you want it for, don't do it. A console has better specs than that.

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there's probably 2-3$ worth of plastic in there...

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@cornbredx: It's basically a scam. Literally the cheapest PC he could buy off the shelf at ANY store would be several times faster than that one. I don't even know if that processor is x64 compatible.

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Damn, that pc is sure over my budget. How much can i save if i build it myself?

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That processor is garbage. Scam seems a bit much, though. I mean it does seem like its worth $350 but you may not be able to play many games on it. If that's what you want it for, don't do it. A console has better specs than that.

7 year old CPU and 8 year old GPU, it's not worth $350 USD. It's not even worth $350 Zimbabwe dollars.

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Even if you don't want to go the build your own route, Woot often has computers in the $400 range that are decent.


Has a PCI-X 16 slot that currently has a video card in it. So, it has some room for growth. My girlfriend swapped out her video card in her computer without me helping, and she has no experience with computer hardware.

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The HP Envy linked above is certainly not the worst way to go (when you're going really cheap then you can't beat someone who will cut every corner and do it on volumes to make enough profit on aggregate - making sure you don't buy a dud PSU while keeping prices razor thin can go wrong when you do it yourself, there are bad parts out there and warranties not worth the paper they're written on, buying a prebuilt can limit your risks* when you've not got the budget to pick from trusted suppliers and brand names). That especially goes for a copy of Windows (HP probably paid very little to get a copy of Win8 but you walk into a store and you'll need to find $100 just for the OS), which you'll need for at least the next few years to enjoy PC gaming.

You can certainly get something new that will play games around this price. People generally give sticker prices for parts without Windows (buy it once, build new machine to replace old one so you transfer the license) or a monitor/peripherals so these might be a bit too high for you to reach to: $425 integrated low end gamer (That specific APU has since been replaced with a new gen model, can probably go cheaper with 4GB RAM, but make sure to get 2 sticks as it needs two channels to give full bandwidth and the APU needs that for gaming to be any good); $508 with dedicated GPU (that's not at all slow, even if it isn't high end it'll give the GPU in the Xbox One a run for it's money to point to how close to decent settings, 1080p gaming it can get). $352 from a few months back (APU two generation out of ate but the newer ones aren't much of a price difference so the age means you can probably get these parts a bit cheaper today or get a bit more performance for this price by buying the newer version); $393 in a tiny box and with a discrete GPU (this GPU can't beat an XBOne for raw horsepower but it isn't all that far behind and'll give you a lot more grunt than the very low performance of that HP envy - but then the HP comes with Windows, even if you'll need to grab a cheap monitor it at least comes with a $10 keyboard/mouse combo thrown in by the looks of it)

* 90 days warranty? I guess it's your local laws/regulations but that seems a bit short.

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I might go with Zelyre build, thanks alot everyone