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Top 10:
1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2. Mass Effect 2
3. Half-Life 2
4. Team Fortress 2
5. Deus Ex
6. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
7. Bioshock
8. Minecraft
9. Left 4 Dead 2
10. Starcraft II

Link to the rest of the list: http://www.vingle.net/posts/165091?vins

Feel free to laugh or cry, unless you're 14 and completely down with the list.

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I don't laugh or cry at these lists, as a matter of fact I don't feel anything. I choose to ignore. These lists are always incredibly stupid.

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World of Goo is on there. Wow, so much credibility!

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I hate these comment nerd-argument bait lists sites put up.

Who cares? It's just there to up the traffic so nerds will argue about the arbitrary rankings. "HOW DARE THEY PUT SKYRIM IN #1! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!"

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Sure it's ridiculous, but who gives a shit?

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Hah, those are a lot of new, console focused games.

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So basically taste is still incredibly subjective? Got it.

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So basically taste is still incredibly subjective? Got it.

No, it's objective, didn't you read the list?? They are telling you what the 100 best PC games are. It's a fact.

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Fallout 1 and 2 not included. That list is invalid.

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Can we pause for a moment just to acknowledge that this game is in their top 100:

I have not played the game, so I can't say if it's good or bad; let's just say it's certainly an interesting choice...

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I remember bashing on the G4 Top 100 games of all time list and got negative feedback on it at Giant Bomb. What I learned is that people don't give a dang about Best Game lists from other web sites. I'll look at the list, but I'm sure I'll be thinking "whatever, its another list" when I'm done.

Edit: Also, I'm just happy Rome Total War made it on the list.

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@thedudeofgaming: I was going to say the same thing, just with Diablo and Diablo II, but I agree about the lack of Fallouts at the top too. Also no Doom or Quake in the top 10 makes me sad, and I don't even consider myself an expert of PC games or anything.

So, yeah, bad list is bad. Oh well.

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Where's Freelancer? It's not even that old.

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@beachthunder said:

@evilnights said:

So basically taste is still incredibly subjective? Got it.

No, it's objective, didn't you read the list?? They are telling you what the 100 best PC games are. It's a fact.

Oh I read it, and yes, there were more than a few double takes in there, but since it's just the list and there's nothing there telling you about how each entry was selected (i.e. is it editorial opinion, did they poll the readers, do they have thoughtful little essays going with each one etc) it's difficult to get uptight about it.

Plus, it's very important to accept individual games as products of their time. Aside from special effects, nothing really makes a movie from five years ago better than one from ten years ago, or even twenty years ago and vice versa. Whereas the elements that make up games are constantly evolving for better or worse, whether it's better mechanics, design, storytelling, or graphics and sound. That's not something you see happening in other forms of entertainment right now.

Take fighting games for instance. A few years ago I had a stranger compliment me on my Street Fighter II shirt, before saying that game was great but everything after it sucked. I thought he was crazy; sure, SFII was like nothing else when it came out, but looking at the two side by side SFIV is undoubtedly a better game. Same goes for something like XCOM... at the end of the day, Enemy Unknown is a better experience than the original.

Admittedly, that list doesn't do a great job of adhering to that logic either... I don't really understand why Portal is better than Portal 2, but again, without knowing how the list was compiled it's hard to really take issue with it.

It's already said, but you can see it elsewhere too. Poll the readers of Empire and ask them what the best movies of all time are. Twilight will end up in the top 20 and we'll spend longer bitching about it than it did to produce the original article.

So yeah, total click bait. Move along, nothing to see here.

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@evilnights: Sorry, I didn't mean to send you on a tirade, I was joking. But I do agree - it's just a flat list of games, even a single sentence explaining why each game is special would be nice. Without any further info, it's just a list. About Portal vs. Portal 2 - Portal 2 was decidedly the better, more fleshed out game; but, I think Portal 2 was much more special.

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L4D 2? Really? Dear god...

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@beachthunder: No problem, at least I'll have that argument available for easy copying and pasting the next time one of those things comes up (which probably won't be long).

To be fair, that's just the meat and potatoes of the list posted on an unrelated site; I assume the actual magazine article is more fleshed out than that.

Yeah, Portal 2 is objectively a better game imo, but I'll agree the basic concepts of it aren't as mindblowing as they were in 2007. That's what I find incongruous in the list, because the rest of it seems like an admission that (in video games at least) newer is essentially better whether we want to admit it or not, whereas they're appreciating seminality in that one instance for some reason. Oh well.

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Some critics' lists--like the Sight and Sound poll for film--are pretty well done and really do give you a pretty good idea of the historical weight of certain films/games/whatever. Doesn't mean you need to like everything on it, but they are meaningful. These lists that pop up on gaming sites every year by the dozens are just silly though. The #1 game of all time is almost always whatever the most popular game from the year before was.

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Epic list... dunno if I agree 100% of that list though, Diablo III one of the greatest games of all time? hmmm its good, but to list it as that tittle is a bit much... some others in there not sure and couple games left out that should definitely be in there like Unreal Tournament 99, which without a doubt, kick-started the FPS genre into a whole new level. Command & Conquer not even on there? wtf? lol.. that revolutionized the RTS genre...

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i want to fart in that editor's face

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I like how 8 of the top 10 came out in the past 5/6 years

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The hell is a vingle?

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WTF is this? So apparentl all the best games came out in the past 7 years?

Also, Morrowind should be on there WAY higher than Skyrim.

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wow... minecraft at 8th in a greatest pc games of all time list... just wow...

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Skyrim higher up then Deus Ex and System Shock 2? Unnngghh.

But then again whatever.

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I have not played the game, so I can't say if it's good or bad; let's just say it's certainly an interesting choice...

Well it says so right there that it's one of the 100 best PC games of all time so I guess we'll just have to take their word for it. But it's certainly... interesting.

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PC Gamer being with the times, i can understand that.

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I realize these lists are just made up of opinions of a select group of people and that's fine. All good. Whatever.

...but, really?

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54. Far Cry 2


Higher than Half Life. Higher than Tribes. It's on the list at all.


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I realize these lists are just made up of opinions of a select group of people and that's fine. All good. Whatever.

...but, really?

Exactly my thoughts...

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54. Far Cry 2


Higher than Half Life. Higher than Tribes. It's on the list at all.


You know, I have to say I enjoyed FC2 more than HL2. Not to say that HL2 was bad, but I really enjoyed FC2. If it helps, I would say I liked Episode 2 more than FC2 :P

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Two of that top 3 would be in my own, go figure.

(For me, it'd be 1. ME2, 2. Bioshock Infinite, 3. Skyrim)

Then again, I consider myself a console gamer primarily.

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As much as these lists are equally pointless and fascinating, there were a few that just made me go "They were fun / enjoyable, but... best?". Such as:

11: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

23: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

35: Planetside 2

37. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

40. Dishonored

66. Rising Storm

70. Tribes: Ascend

79. Borderlands 2

96. Diablo III

I guess my opinions just don't align with those of the person who wrote the list.

But DUDE...

Diablo III is not the 96th best game ever made.

It just isn't.



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The fifteen year old that compiled this list needs to be hunted down and destroyed.

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Some lists attempt to have some credibility, some kind of rationale. This list doesn't have any. It... boggles the mind.

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Mass Effect 2? What?

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The problem with a lot of you guys is that you've forgotten that the days of PC only games are dying out if not completely dead already. Exclusivity is sort of a dying breed across all platforms, really. It's kind of sad that people freak out at PC top 100 game lists when they don't feature 100% pc exclusive titles that came out 15-20 years ago. That would be a really boring and sort of pointless list. Then again, all of these top ___ lists are pointless if you think about it.

However, I sort of get a chuckle out of the thought of all the old man pc grognards and the grognard wannabes losing their shit over this list. Maybe lists like these do have some usefulness.

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Was this list made by a 15 years old kid who just discovered Deus Ex?

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I just refuse to accept that Skyrim, Mass Effect 2 or Half Life 2 are "the best games ever made".

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Bioshock on the PC was an atrocity. Mouse acceleration and smoothing are enabled and there is no way to turn it off. As a result, the game is very clunky and hard to control. Why isn't System Shock 2 there in its place, since it's the PC only inspiration for this game?

Seems like this list was written by an intern who came from OXM or Game Informer and doesn't quite understand what a PC is.

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That's fucking stupid.

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I understand this is just some guy's (or a group's) opinion, but who in the world would list 2 Deus Ex games, Hitman, Bloodlines & System Shock 2 and not at least have Thief 2 on there? Dishonored is even listed and while I liked it, even its creators would tell you Thief is better.

EDIT: Wait a minute, there's no way this is a real list from PC Gamer, there's a bus simulator game listed. Has anyone here actually seen this list in print?

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haha dumb shit. No witcher?

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@ninessc2 said:

Top 10:

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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I like a lot of the games on this list.

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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is on the list. nice

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Man these lists are dumb.