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I've had to recently sell my Xbox 360 due to moving overseas soon. I am taking my PC with me, which will become my primary gaming machine. I used to do a lot of local multiplayer gaming with friends, and I'm wondering if there's some way to do this on the PC.

I'm guessing that if it were possible, I'd have to get a bunch of controllers to do so. I'm not against doing that, if it works. Are there any duders out there with experience doing anything like this?

Basic question: is it possible to play multiplayer on a single PC like you would on a console?

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I know Portal 2 for the PC has splitscreen co-op.

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I think Magicka has 4 player local co-op

Also did some googling and found this site, it seems to be a pretty good and detailed list for what you're looking for

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An Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows can sync up to 4 Xbox 360 controllers and can be used with games that support up to 4 layers and 360 controllers (ie: Street Fighter 4, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet)

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Jamestown, if you like shmups. Supports six players - though I highly suggest some gamepads.

You CAN do some local without investing in them - some games have keyboard layouts that let a second player use the numpad, but it's awkward and rather annoying to learn if you're player 2.

If you want to save some money, you could also look for wired 360 controllers, assuming you have the USB ports available. I haven't seen the wireless reciever available separately either, so you may have to buy it in a bundle.

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Thanks for the answers guys. @thebunnyhunter that website was a pretty great tip.

I'm guessing it's not safe to assume that if I've played a game on consoles and it had local MP there, that it would have it on PC as well? Is that the sort of thing that gets split into LAN MP?

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