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Well after many years as a console kid I am finally embracing PC gaming. My PC had been busted for quite sometime and I finally got it fixed. Ever since I haven't touched my 360 or PS3. It started with Rogue Legacy and has expanded exponentially. My only problem is all of my friends who play games only play on console. So if I have happened to catch anyone's eye with this post shoot me a friend request on Steam. I am in desperate need of like minded gamer friends.

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Here's 1551 people who share your mind, come play games!

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I am working most of the time now, but I still enjoy chatting/playing games with my friends.

DayspringNeko is my steam name so feel free to add me.

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couldn't agree with you more OtakuGamer :D

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I have over 200 games on Steam. I am paralyzed with indecision. There's nothing I really have a passion for - I got Max Payne 3 off of Amazon and enjoyed that immensely (as a fan of the first two), but everything else is milquetoast to me. Back to LoL for now, even though it makes me feel deader inside after every game.

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Welcome to the master race!

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@rorie said:

Welcome to the master race!


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lol exactly

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Once you see how much better the PC community is than the console community, you'll never want to go back. Also, the games! All the games you can play! It's glorious.

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Almost everything is better on the PC.

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Welcome, my friend. Rome 2 is around the corner. Brace yourself.

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Welcome aboard brother! Lets all hold hands and wait for witcher 3.