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@mr_skeleton: I plan on playing it, but it just does not look better than Uncharted 3 to me. Not talking about gameplay, just graphical quality.

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Copilot guarding his heli.
Mr. Pilot, before I stole his heli.

About to do 360 noscope dolphin dive.
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Carla Gallo great likeness
Greg Grunberg anther great likeness.
cant remember her name buy she has been in loads of tv/films looks great
Keith Szarabajka
pleas get out of whats left of the car.
where's my tressfx hair
shit still no tressfx this is bullshit.

two games i am playing through at the moment .

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they really detailed the character model. :3 it's too bad nvidia's drivers aren't optimized for tressfx. i'm using a 680 and it drops the fps by 10-15...

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Dead Space 3

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Blat blat blat.
A little bright.
Really like how this game looks. AC-130 on fire in the distance.
A respawned AC-130 a bit later.
Hi! I'm on TV! Use SOFLAM for all your camwhore needs.
Two duders on ATVs.
Really like how this game looks.
Moved seats.
Rocket launcher truck rolling in.
Rocket launcher truck firing.
On the back of an ATV, looking at the rocket trails.

I need to play more of this sometime.

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Reef Shot Demo

Just a couple of shots from the demo of Reef Shot, I had to give it a go after watching the QL. Pity the 'photo' quality is pretty crappy and jpeggy :(

Side note: is this considered an FPS??

Dolphins :D
Aw, look at these guys; I'm sure this would make for a great movie...

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Thought I'd just do a dump of screen shots I had taken in the past few months.

Hard Reset

Red Faction Guerrilla

Sniper Elite V2

Saints Row The Third

Super Monday Night Combat

(more people need to play this!)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

this game can look amazing with mods

Dead Space 2

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The gang's all here.

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Doing my annual Half-Life 2 run, god i love this game.

Downsampled from 2880x1800 to 1920x1200 with 4xSGSSAA (0x004010C1)

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Arma 3 is pretty crazy.

And I love it.

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That pretty guy from the Darkness II

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Following the announcement of SR4, I decided to play some SR3. @dourin decided to join in on the fun. Man, that game is goofy in all the best ways.

@patrickklepek, is that you?
This mission was...interesting.
Truly something we should all strive for.

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@shinboy630 It's probably for the better you chose to show that character of mine and not the other one....

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BioShock 2

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i really enjoyed the game!! i did not have any off the funk brad was going on about, or get its criticisms. after playing it i do not think it deserves its two stars. definitely three stars
now to see it in Technicolor.

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Tom Braider:

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These are from a long time ago, when I stumbled across Mr. Genki murdering all the things with a rocket launcher.

Armored dudes, civilians; Genki don't care.
He shot my bike.
He shot. My bike.
You don't shoot my bike.
He did drop a crap-ton of money though.

Probably going to put up some Anno 2070 screens next. Or more Saints Row.

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Super Hexagon

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Mirror's Edge - Downsampled 3840x2160, 16XQ // SMAA Ultra AA.

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@ref: Looks like both of us chose matching outfits; how embarrassing.

#1878 Posted by Subjugation (4754 posts) -

@ref: That game will never not be pretty.

Can't post without sharing a screen, so Darksiders. R.I.P. Vigil.

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Downsampling with Mirrors Edge produces very pretty screens it seems, have to check that out myself.

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Not much seeing as I rarely take screens, and steam kinda doesn't save half of them for whatever reason.

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@randomhero666: Oh god damnit, I saw enough of those first two Dead Rising ones in motion when we played. I still dig the last one though, you timed that well.

More Saints Row!

Neat effect with the flamethrower.
An ode to violence!
And now I'm on fire.
I've had some fun with this glitch. Non-customizable police bike.
Nice and customized.
The end of a defense phone call thing at the main crib when all your guys show up. Lotta purple.

I think I still have a bit more Saints screens to put up later. God, I love this game.

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Resident Evil 6 downsampled from 2880x1800 to 1920x1200

Such inconsistent textures as seen in the picture, really hope theres better texture mods in the works at some point, this shit is distracting as hell.

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Can we please limit the number of pictures per post, now that the forum shows 40 posts per page it takes forever to get to the bottom.

#1884 Posted by zenmastah (1016 posts) -

Yeah, i think three per post would be enough.

#1885 Posted by Capum15 (5025 posts) -

@mr_skeleton: Could probably start putting them side by side instead of stacking.

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This thread has become futile after the new site design made seven thousand posts fit in one page. One page on this thread now has to load more pictures than two old pages combined. Crazy.

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@mr_skeleton: I guess people could use thumbnails instead of full size images, but it is a screenshot thread so it is what it is. This is to be expected. It loads fairly quickly for me and I have pretty mediocre internet compared to most of the U.S. and especially Europe. Maybe open it in one tab and multitask while it's loading.

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Residen Evil 6

Downsampled from 2880x1800 to 1920x1200 with 4xMSAA

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BioShock Infinite

Just some early screens of BioShock Infinite. This game is seriously resource intensive; honestly, not what I expected.

#1890 Posted by SnakeLinkSonic (292 posts) -

Sonic Generations

Playing around with the NoHUD mod.

#1891 Posted by zenmastah (1016 posts) -


So the HUD comes off or did you do some cropping?

#1892 Posted by jacksmedulla (284 posts) -

@beachthunder: How resource intensive? I've got a gtx 570, i5 2500k, and 8 gb of ram. What settings should I be expecting for smooth gameplay?

#1893 Posted by BeachThunder (12607 posts) -


So the HUD comes off or did you do some cropping?

I wish the HUD came off ;_; I searched for ages for a way to remove it, but alas there's nothing - it's really bothering me that the previous BioShocks (and SS2) were capable of hudlessness, but not this. The screens I took were from parts where the HUD was just naturally off.

@beachthunder: How resource intensive? I've got a gtx 570, i5 2500k, and 8 gb of ram. What settings should I be expecting for smooth gameplay?

You seem to have a pretty similar setup to me. I'm using one step below anything that requires DX11 (the game will tell you what these things are).

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Hey guys, I haven't been here in a while, how've you been? Can someone remind me how to post screenshots/images again?

Edit: Never mind I figured it out.

Crysis 1

Bioshock Infinite

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BioShock Infinite

Death to all huds.

#1897 Posted by Mikemcn (7065 posts) -

@beachthunder: Hud-less is the way to go, at least for screens, game is beautiful, I need to try and ignore everything about the story until I can build a PC that can run it.

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BioShock Infinite

BTW, I'm trying to stick to about 5 images per post.

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spec ops / the line.

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I bought Bioshock Infinite and Tom Braider. Both are pretty good, but I think I like Bioshock a lot more. Tom Braider's PRESS X TO NOT DIE bullshit is really, really not fun. But the parts where that is not happening are very good.