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I'm having a ton of issues with the range of a dualshock 4 on the PC while connected via bluetooth in my living room. I've tried both my onboard bluetooth at about 11 feet, and a USB dongle on the front of my case at less than 10 feet from the controller on the couch. The connection gives out with something as simple as propping my feet up on the table in line of sight to the dongle.

Is anyone else having this much trouble? I'm considering sending it out for a replacement.

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Why claim the controller is defective when your not using it in the intended method? Have you tried it on a PS4 likes its design for? From what I hear Bluetooth to PC is really spotty and only works semi reliable on Windows 8 OS. I know I tried it on my PC with Windows 7 and it would drop connectivity regularly.

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Why not just have it constantly wired to the PC? That would probably solve all these problems. This is why I hate wireless peripheral technology. It hasn't improved at all since it was introduced. Wired is always better.

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Probably should wait for Sony to actually support it before bitching about it.

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I don't think he's "bitching about it," he's just asking to see if anyone else is having a similar problem using it on PC. I agree that he should actually wait for Sony to actually support it on PC. There's no point returning it for a replacement because there's no proof that it's faulty unless he's tried using it with a PS4. A replacement could end up having the same issue.

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I didn't think there "WAS" a Dual Shock 4 for the PC, there wasn't even a Dual Shock 3 for PC cept for the Logitech clones and the hack-around software to use a PS3 controller.

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I'm not claiming it's defective. Considering how fresh the controller is, there is very little information on the internet right now other than "Here's how to make it connect" and "It kind of works." Bluetooth is not something new and Windows 8 doesn't do anything to magically fix compatibility. It does connect, it does work, but the connection issues are odd because the PC can keep a connection with other devices at that range and beyond without issue. As to why I'm trying...some of us aren't just console gamers who don't even try to make things work in a way that better suits us, even if it's not how they were intended to be used. There's really no point in criticizing how others use their property. Using it wired would be silly considering this is a PC in a living room environment. I'm not coming here asking console gamers to plug their controller in, don't ask me to do the same. I'm coming here looking for other people in hopes of gathering more information about it as a group.

I'm updating this thread because I noticed in my continued research that it quickly jumped to the top of Google search results on the subject, and there is still not a lot of info available about it. I'm sure others will run across this thread.

I got my hands on another controller and tested them side by side and the other one had the same issues. I think this is largely due to my setup and interference issues, potentially with my entertainment center consisting of metal. Some time next weekend I might take the PC out of that environment and test it. I'm also going to be trying another USB dongle intended for longer range.

For the most part, as long as I am conscious of not adding more interference by blocking the signal with my feet, using the DS4 for emulators has worked well. The D-pad on this thing is great, and that was my intended use as the 360 controller works well for gaming requiring analog controls. Analog sticks aren't even close to accurate, and I'm sure this issue will require intervention from Sony.

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How are you even making it work on Windows (software-wise)? Does MotionInJoy already support DS4?

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My connection is blocked one meter away if I hide it behind my foot or something. So yeah...

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RF engineer here...

Range is going to be dependent on how good the bluetooth adapter/transceiver on your PC is, not just the controller. Elevation will help, so if you have a USB port that is higher off the ground, this could make a big difference for you, depending on how far you're looking to get.

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I have been wondering about this because I would like a PS4 controller on my PC, because I am sceptical on the steam controller and my Razer Onza is defective and out of warranty.