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I'm looking for a game where you can create your own ships and move around throughout space killing and taking over other planets. I do not care about what it looks like as much as how much you can change/personalize. I can't remember the name of game I use to have, which I liked. Drox operative was one of the last quick looks of the type of game I'm looking for.

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In Evochron Mercenary you can buy better parts in your ship. It's also a 4x game (expand explore exploit uhh exposition? exhaust? oh right, exterminate I think). I always forget that last one.

X2 and X3 are similar to that too though you'd be buying different ships and even fleets I think.

There's also S.P.A.Z. (space pirates and zombies and mercenaries).

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I was just about to ask this same question. After all this talk about EVE Online, I've been very tempted to get in on that. I don't really have the time or money for that at the moment though (unless someone convinces me that I could get into the thick of things relatively quickly), so I've been browsing around for something kinda like that.

Basically, bump.

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X3 is good just really hard. Not really any directions. Truest sense of the idea of an open world.

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I started playing X3: Terran Conflict a few months back and loved it. Verrrry slow start though. Watched quite a few tutorial videos some kind folks posted on YouTube to get the hang of things. This guy in particular had a pretty good series going through most of the basics through mining and even on to managing a small mining business with multiple ships.

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thanks for the suggestions, I was looking for something more of the sit back and watch as my space army strolls across the galaxy killing everyone.

However I think I'm going to try X3, is conflict the one to start with? or prelude or reunion?

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I can't tell if you want a game where you can fly a spaceship and murder things, or command spaceships and murder things. So here are my suggestions for both:

Freelancer: Fly ships. Buy ships. Do stuff. Meet people who don't own the space station you're on, but have an understanding with the people who do.

Darkstar One: Never actually played this one, but from what I understand it's closer to Independence War than X3. You have one ship, and you can explore space, but you can attach a lot of things to that one ship.

Galaxy on Fire 2: I played the iOS version, but there's a PC version. Basically Freelancer on the go.

Galactic Civilizations II: 4X game. Conquer space. Actually create your own ship prototypes. You don't get to fly ships on your own, but you can make some ridiculously strange races to play as.

Sins of a Solar Empire: A little more straightforward than the one above. Conquer planets. Build stupidly large fleets. Zoom out when your computer strains rendering a hundred ships firing upon a hundred other ships.

I'll also mention Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control II) here. If you're looking for an RPG in space, a lot of games can trace their lineage back to this.

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@bofooq: Get Terran Conflict. Albion Prelude is an expansion to TC so you'd need that anyway. Reunion is the previous game and TC has a bunch of improvements. X is just one of those series that definitely takes some time to get into it but if it hooks you... I'm sure I could have done something productive with those 200+ hours but I have no regrets!