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Is it simple to move game saves between a desktop and a laptop (or any two computers)? Is there an automated way to do this through the client? Or does it have to be manually done. And are the saves machine locked/specific in anyway?

Assuming I should be able to just copy the files to thumb drive or something without much hassle, but thought I would double check.

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Most games on Steam use the Steamcloud ... if you log in with your account on a different PC you should have your saves.

For games that dont use the cloud you should be able to just copy the files into the correct folder to use them.

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Cool, thanks!

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and also check "my documents" for any save files, if the steamcloud doesn't work. Some games just dump a small save file there and you could transfer over by copy and pasting them but not all, sometimes they are tied with other accounts like Dark Souls. And also Steamcloud gives you an option of "do you want to download this save file or one that's currently on your other machine?" Walking dead will say something like that if your going from 2 machines.

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@crithon: What do you mean by "other accounts like Dark Souls"?

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@sterling: Well, with the whole DSfix on Dark Souls the old save files tend to not be read. So you need to do a heavy bit of backing them up, because they might have some GFW ID tags on them. But this is a case where it thinks your starting a whole new game, so it's not keeping your old save files. But yeah on steam there's a lot of games that have other accounts to log into, third party stuff it can get annoying because even the most simple little indie game has some sort of account to their site to record leaderboards.

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For games that don't support Steam Cloud, GameSave Manager is really useful to backup/transfer/restore all your saves across all of their scattered locations, so you don't have to manually track down which directories the saves are at.