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Not news for me since I've been using the beta for awhile, but has anyone else tried it? Anyone like it? Any major bugs or issues? Does this make anyone feel better about the future Steam box to see what Steam actually feels like on Linux?

Of course the issue now is getting all the Linux builds of games that have them into Steam. That does seem to be happening, slow but steady. I doubt any major titles will ever show up on Linux. It seems to be all indie stuff for the foreseeable future.

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Man. I want a Linux box. Yeah, I know, I could partition my hard drive or do a virtual machine, but I'd like a workhorse laptop that runs Ubuntu.

...oh. Right. Steam on Linux. That's awesome, but let's be fair: if I'm PC gaming it's going to be done on Windows until nearly all of my games work on Linux.

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Cant wait for when you can buy Windows on Steam so you Linux guys can come full circle.

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Great! When Dota 2's ported over I can finally start choosing Linux when it asks me every time I boot my computer up.

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Im on windows 8 and still pretty much happy with it. I think i'd buy a Whole new PC before even getting into linux steam box but it free and open to everybody so to each his own.

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Of the 12 games I own on steam with working linux versions precisely zero launch successfully from the steam client. They have a ways to go.

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I was in the beta, but I'm pretty happy with what they've managed to get running on there already. Hopefully Valve will have a team that helps publishers that aren't equipped to release on Linux make the transition easier and by the end of the year, we'll be seeing a lot more linux-playable games.

Other than a couple of art applications that I still use on Windows, Games (and watching netflix) are one of the few reasons I ever even boot into Windows anymore.