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I made a small 48hr game for the Ludum Dare game jam this last weekend. It's very small and quick to play, and has some subtle strategies to lead to higher scores.

Sunk: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2...LD29/LD29.html

Would love to have you check it out, perhaps tweet your score in game at the end (so I can track data) and give any feedback.

Thanks all. Carry on!

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Cool game. The sound is really really excellent. I don't have twitter but my best is 48 seconds : (.

Did you consider having separate oxygen and stamina meters?

Anyway, congrats on finishing something cool in the time frame.

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Nice work. It did a pretty good job of stressing me out by playing on my fear of drowning, and I'm always impressed by people that have the discipline and skill to crank out something solid in just 48 hours.

I'm also pleased to discover that George Broussard has a Giant Bomb account. Don't be a stranger.

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Very cool!

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Okay just for clarification if anybody's skeptical.

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29.7 seconds...this is why I don't like the ocean! Really cool concept!

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Didn't really get it the first few times, so I kept drowning immediately after starting.

My best is 76

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52 seconds!

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80 seconds. Feeling pretty good about this! Nice game, took my a bit to figure out the wave stuff. I like it.

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Glad you guys dig it. My best is like 152 seconds, and some crazy person online broke 200. There's a pretty narrow skill band and timing that will let you get above 90s. But you have to be really good about staying near the surface and letting the waves catch you on the way down so you get free stats as you ride it.