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Having played Peggle 2 I can confirm that it is, indeed, more Peggle and is a fun and well made game, with some of the best use of music in a game I can remember. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is a timed exclusive. While the graphics are colorful and fun it's definitely not a system showcase, and while it's very good, it's not a system seller. Nobody is buying a $500 machine to play peggle, which you can get on your phone for 99 cents. Is it a good all-ages Christmas time game for people who buy an XBONE and want something everyone from little Suzy to Grandma Ethel can enjoy? Absolutely. But that wouldn't change if it were on other systems. I don't know what kind of money hat Microsoft used to get EA to agree to the timed exclusive but I'm kind of baffled as to why they'd bother. Exclusives and timed exclusives should do one of 3 things

A) Sell systems because people want to play THIS game (Halo, Uncharted)

B) Make someone choose your system over someone else's because you get a game they desperately want to play, or the DLC for that game, first (Call of Duty. First on Xbox DLC also makes sure people buy CoD for Xbox if they have a choice, which is good for Microsoft since CoD sells Live subscriptions. Lots of synergy here.)

C) Demonstrate the special capabilities of your system (Wonderful 101) and make people happy they have it, increasing customer satisfaction.

Peggle 2 does none of these things. It's a great game and I'm sure lots of Xbox One owners are happy to be able to play it, but what advantage does MS gain from delaying its release on other systems?

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It was probably part of the package. Titanfall and some goodies on the side.

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It was probably part of the package. Titanfall and some goodies on the side.

Yup they have a larger deal with EA. That PvZ Warfare game is exclusive to 360 and Xbox One as well. Wouldn't be surprised if there were more EA and Microsoft timed exclusives.

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Peggle 2 is an Xbone exclusive because of BUSINESS. There doesn't need to be any other reason.

I have a friend who works at EA Burnaby and he said that EA got in bed with Microsoft because of the DRM they had in place with the console. Now that that's down the drain, maybe these "exclusives" will eventually open up to other platforms. But for now, EA and Microsoft are in bed together.

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Don't worry, a year or two deep Microsoft will more or less abandon the console and let it ride out its lifecycle on Gears, Halo and Indie developers just like the 360.

You don't need games with all the TV.

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I agree with you completely, but money.

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I just find it kinda hilarious they actually felt the need to make a game as simple as Peggle an exclusive for their next generation console. Keeping it off the 360, really Microsoft? Really?

The saddest thing is I think a lot of people are realising they didn't in fact just want more Peggle, and this is so uninspired it's shocking it didn't come out years ago.

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Wait, are you saying they forgot to consult you before inking the deal? Shit I bet they'll never make that mistake again especially after seeing this thread. /s

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Aw, muffin?..

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Of all the dumb unethical shit happening in this industry right now, and evenly specifically on the Xbox One, this barely even registers as driving using the high beams on the bad-shit-o-meter.

Of course it shouldn't be a timed exclusive, but it's just one of those things. It probably came along with some other shit that they actually wanted the exclusivity for. And this sort of stuff is more appealing in quantity than it is one game at a time. Would I buy an Xbox One to play Peggle 2 first? No, but I might buy an Xbox One if it were the platform that got to see all EA games first, or had exclusive DLC for all those games. It's still obnoxious, and I hate exclusives, platform specific DLC, pre-order bonuses, and all garbage that are obvious attempts to get more money from me. But, I realize that these companies are going to behave like this regardless, and I'd rather deal with timed exclusives than pre-order content or platform specific DLC.

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Money money mmmoney MONEY

Money money mmmoney MONEY

Some people, got ta have ittt!


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I'm reminded my exgirlfriend played peggle 1 on this

so when Peggle 2 is free from the time exclusive clutches I'm fairly certain grandmothers can play their Peggle 2 on their own systems of choice.

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Peggle should be available everywhere on everything