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It's nice knowing someone can make the same mistake as me with the word Cannon, did the same thing in a Persona 4 thread I started a while back.

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That's weird. I would name a cannon something like "Big Bertha" or "The Boomstick" but whatever...

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@the_ruiner: @fitzgerald: @bigjeffrey: I make a mistake 4 damn months ago and people still give me shit about it..... GREAT!!!! RAWR! YOUR HURTING MY INTERNET FEELINGS!

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In my playthrough he was "&%!? 10$" so I don't know where this Makoto Yuki bull shit comes from.

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I called my P3 protagonist "Canon".

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Woah Blast from the past!! Well i did play P3 after P4 so thats why he will always be Charlie Tunoku 2 to me.

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I just made the same mistake that I made 4 months ago!