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With 20 different social links there's bound to be some stand outs and some stinkers, what are your guy's favorites and least favorites social links?

Emperor: Kanji Tatsumi - Easily my favorite S. Link of the main crew and one of my favorites in the whole game. Kanji's S. Link is one of the cheeriest ones and in my opinion he goes through the most change of the main crew.

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I've always been a fan of Kanji's S.link -- I haven't finished him yet in Golden, but I liked him a lot when I played on PS2. I also love Ai (moon), who was a lot better than I was expecting. I think Death is also one of my favourites in this game -- I feel like it at least comes close to the emotional depth of Sun in Persona 3. Naoto's pretty fun too. While I love Nanako and Dojima, I feel like their social links are only one small aspect of their roles in the game, so while I love the stuff that goes on with them, it has more to do with all the events of the game rather than just their s.links.

I think some of the party members you get early on are a bit boring. Yosuke's is pretty shallow IMO, and I've always felt like he was a poor man's Junpei from P3. I've never much liked Chie's or Yukiko's either. Always far preferred Naoto and Rise. I think Devil had the potential to be pretty cool, but it felt like it could have used a couple more events to develop better, and Tower is pretty silly as well.

Overall, just like P3, P4 definitely has its high and low points.

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@Cathryn: None of the S. Links change in P4G, the main crew get another level but that's it.

Ai is easy to hate early on but her progression is great. Never did Death but I'm on my P4G Max S. Link run, so I'll get to her soon. Chie's is fine and it's fits her character, training, protecting the weak and steak, simple. Yukiko's is boring and it doesn't help that she's my least favorite member of the team. Naoto was cute, playing detective with her.

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My favorites would probably be Naoto and Kanji. None of them beat Aigis in persona 3 for me though.

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Yukiko is my personal favorite mainly cause I have a crush on her....what? WHAT?

The best Social Link is Sayoko Uehara....OR IT SHOULD'VE BEEN! So much promise in the beginning and then turns completely boring.

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It's hard to pick just one, because I like a lot of them. Kanji's is probably the one that stands out the most though just because he's a good guy with a tough outside.

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Kanji's, of course!

I actually didn't like any of the romantic S. Links, to be honest, but I disliked Naoto's the least.

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Huh... None of the post from the original site came over. Anyways to reiterate what I said before, Marie's and Adachi's S. Links are good additions to Persona 4 Golden, but since both of those are resolved through the course of the main story the actual time spent in the S. Link events feel a bit less meaningful.

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I'm gonna talk about some of the S. Links in detail and I may go into Spoiler terrority...

  • Magician: Yosuke Hanamura - Magician has never been a great S. Link, I felt the same way about Yosukes' S. Link as Kenji from P3. Every Magician's relationship ends badly, but since "Will" is the theme of the Magician's Arcana, they all eventually come to terms with it.
  • Priestess: Yukiko Amagi - I'm a bit bias on this one since she my least favorite of the Investigation Team, I though overall her Social Link are boring and she goes through such little change.
  • Emperor: Kanji Tatsumi - As I already stated above Kanji is one of my favorite Social Links, very heartwarming. Someone from the old site posted something along the lines of "Masculinity and Femininity are not necessarily mutually exclusive..." which I think fits Kanji's S. Link very well. Kanji quickly realizes his fear of rejection and know's he needs to change but not in the way he originally thinks.
  • Chariot: Chie Satonaka - I can't hate Chie's S. Link too much since it fits her character so well and she's my love interest, but that doesn't stop this one from being average and much like Yukiko she doesn't really go through a ton of change since she started out knowing what she wanted. Also Chie learns Revolution through the course of her S. Link so I can't hate this one.
  • Fortune: Naoto Shirogane - One of the better Investigation Team S. Links, I thought this one was really cute. I enjoyed playing Detective with Naoto, there was even some good riddles in there.
  • Moon: Ai Ebihara - One of the Stronger S. Links overall. I know it's easy to dislike her early on but Ai is a very interesting character and by the end a likable character. She's probably my favorite of the non-Investigation Team girls.
  • Aeon: Marie - Much like Aigis, Marie's S. Link is about understanding. Aeon is the same as Judgement so the theme of "Truth" fits and I enjoyed touring Inaba with her. It also felt like her S. Link was fan service in a lot of ways, like the "Fsteak" reference. Although I wished the actual S. Link events after her choice to make new memories were more meaningful, I can't blame this one since the actual resolution to this S. Link is in the true ending. Also the Aeon Arcana has some great Personae, I used Ame-no-Uzume for a long while.
  • Jester(Hunger): Tohru Adachi - I went down the Hunger path for this S. Link and again much like Marie, this S. Link's actual resolution is during the story. The Hunger's resolution is during the course of the good/true story while the Jester is resolved during the Accomplice ending. Hunger is about the same as what most people who played P4 saw with some small additions, Jester is super dark and the tone is similar to the earlier Personas.
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I actually think that Yosukes S-link is one of my favorites although kinda all over the place =P

The old lady is also pretty good and Yumis touched me a little. Really, I don't think there's an S-link that I dislike, maybe because the characters in question are so rare to see in games. Even though the situations may sometimes seem strange, most of the characters feel... real to me, for example the mother and her step-son or the two buddies Daisuke and Kou. It's very small personal stories told by small insignificant people and I love that. Never really got into them as much in P3 though. For some reason not many of them really spoke to me in the same way as in 4. Really wanna see the sun arcana though, heard that it's pretty good.

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@Karmosin I agree with P3 thing, Other than Justice, Sun and the SEES members, I found myself not caring about many of the S. Links in P3. To be fair Universe was far more reserved than World, even the Female Universe was more open than the Male.

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I'll just pop back in to say Risette!

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Marie is my favorite for 1 reason only, she asked about steak and I gave the stupid 'steaaaaaaak' answer. By about rank 9 there was a voiced moment and she actually commented back to it, that alone makes it my pick....plus you know...shes kinda hot...

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@mysteriousfawx: I think everyone's 8(or 9)-10 are voice acted, which going back and watching ER and realizing that wasn't in the original game was kinda weird... Fun fact, Marie is one of the only two character to be seen actually kissing the MC, the other being Marg.

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@smashecontrollers: you spent a 'long time' with Marie before taking her back to the Velvet room....damn right I did....

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Rise is generally my favourite character, along with Naoto. So those are probably my top two I always level up to 10 first, no matter how many times I've done them. Not to mention all the benefits you get from Rise's.

I never level Kanji's, I just never find him that interesting as either a character or [perhaps more importantly] as a party member.

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@addfwyn: Kanji is a great character and a powerful party member, but I won't argue your opinion.

In P4G every party member gets new skills and abilities through the course of their S. Link, similar to Rise in the original game.

I kinda already stated it, but other than Kanji and Naoto I didn't find most of the Investigation Team's S. Links all that interesting, partly due to the fact that they were the two characters that had the biggest change. Both had things they didn't want to accept, Kanji's fear of rejection and Naoto's rejection of her female and child self kept them from accepting who they were. Although I prefer having S. Links with your party member, I did find Persona 3's way of handling party progression better, it felt more natural.

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I think i gotta go with Marie(Aeon S-link). I love her character and the way she reacts to the rest of your party.

The cutscene after the snowball fight and her dungeon makes all that time spent worth while.

I thinking the most boring S-link is Eri(Temperance), all she talks about is how she can't connect with her step-son.

I wasn't a big fan of Shu's S-link(Tower) but what happens near the end kind of turned me around on it.

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Change of Heart, Ai is probably my favorite social link, how you really just hate her at first and slowly start to understand her, feel bad for her and grow to love her for who she really is. A really, really good social link. And it can turn out two ways (end at the same point) will everlasting friendship or an eternal bond with her. Kinda wish the did the social link in the ER.

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Ai and Marie social links.

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@nekroskop: You have a problem with me opening older threads? Its still relevant and ALWAYS WILL BE.

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Sayako, Sayako, Sayako.

Fuck Chie and her bracelets.

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As someone doing a first time play-through of Persona 4/Golden: Nanako. I think I'm almost done with it, but a certain moment with her got me right in the feels. Hope I'm able to finish it while balancing out the other s-links with my teammates.