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So I've played Persona 4 PS2 through twice, and I've just picked up a Vita so I can play Persona 4 Golden. Is there anything I need to know or should consider in my first playthrough of Golden? I haven't even looked at a list of what's new, should I do that prep, or is it pretty good at showing you? Also, any other hints or tips?

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I'm about to do the same as soon as I go pick up my Vita!

I'm definitely playing on Hard, I've heard that this one's easier.

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Flirt with male police officers.

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There's a few new things that you'll just have to come across on your own. It took me a few months before I figured out you could catch bugs at the shrine.

So, there's some esoteric bullshit, but overall you shouldn't worry too much. A lot of the changes come from refinements of old systems, such as Shuffle Time or Fishing.

Also, social link with Marie and Adachi. See the new content. It's partially why you bought the game.

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It's much easier, so I'm sure you won't really need too much advice.

There's a lot more time to get S.linking done, and fusion's a lot easier because you can choose which skills get inherited, on top of which, there are now skill cards.

I would recommend prioritizing the new S.links because they have a stricter deadline than everyone else (but not by much). But, chances are, if you've played through 4 twice and're picking up Golden, you were probably gonna prioritize the new stuff anyway.

Also, you might wanna be a little more careful about who you date in this game.

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If you care about trophies there is one for reading all the books in one playthrough. If you join the basketball team you can screw yourself out of getting some of the books. You can still screw yourself out of it on the soccer team but it's easier to fuck it up on the basketball team.

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Be mean to every one

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If you've got the patience, you can really abuse the "SOS" feature (which prompts other players to approve giving you a bit of free HP and SP) to avoid running out of SP in dungeons. You have to sit through a lot of time-wasting animations, other people's requests will start showing up on your screen, and you've obviously got to be online, but it also means you can finish dungeons in a single day and get as much grinding in as you want. I haven't played the original, but I have to assume finishing dungeons in a single visit was a harder prospect in it.

SOS is especially useful in the new dungeon, which, without spoiling anything, isn't as unmanageable as it first appears.

Also, Naoto is a beast in P4G.